SmallRig is throwing its hat into the wireless microphone system game with its new Forevala W60. The ultimate goal of SmallRig and its User Co-Design (UCD) model and DreamRig program is to create accessories that help creators develop their best work possible, and the Forevala W60 seems to promise just that.

This new wireless microphone system claims to deliver high-quality, omnidirectional audio for filmmakers and content creators alike. It’s affordable and looks just as sleek as the DJI Mic, but can this microphone system deliver its promise of quality audio for any production?  

What's the Forevala W60 Offering You? 

The SmallRig Forevala W60 is a 2.4GHz dual-channel wireless microphone system that is designed for video productions, vlogs, interviews, live streaming, conferences, and more. By utilizing the cutting-edge technology that SmallRig is known for, the microphone system can transmit Hi-Fidelity audio with low latency up to 100m/328ft away.

It's compatible with your smartphones, action cameras, video cameras, computers, tablets, and all of your other devices. 

The one-touch low-cut filter removes annoying low-frequency noise below 200 Hz like fiction noise, current noise, or outdoor background noise for clean and clear recordings, and the gain-control on the RX lets you fine-tune the output of each microphone for high efficiency during post-production.

Smallrig_forevalaThe SmallRig Forevala W60Credit: SmallRig

Forevala W60 mics are stored in an easy-to-carry case that converts into a plastic charging case when an external battery pack, AC adapter, or USB-C port is attached to the case. In about an hour and a half, you’ll have a fully charged mic that is ready to record for the next eight hours.  

The Forevala W60 wireless mic kit includes two transmitters, each with built-in condenser microphones that can transmit signals from all directions and a receiver. The receiver and transmitters have a gorgeous LCD display that lets you remotely control the setup for mono or stereo recording. 

Forevala W60 vs. Hollyland Lark M1 and DJI Mic

You are probably wondering how the Forevala W60 compares to other wireless microphones out on the market. 

Last month, Hollyland unveiled a follow-up to its Lark 150 model called the Lark M1. Priced at $149.99, this 2.4 GHz wireless lavalier microphone system is affordable and has decent audio that is perfect for creators on a budget. Its Cyberpunk 2077-inspired case (at least to us) is very small and lightweight when compared to the Forevala W60 and DJI Mic

The DJI Mic has slightly superior audio quality compared to both wireless microphone systems, which is expected from wireless microphone systems that cost twice as much as the Lark M1. Unfortunately, the DJI mic fails to compete with Forevala W60 and the Lark M1 when it comes to battery life and charging time.

Smallrig_wireless_micThe SmallRig Forevala W60Credit: SmallRig

The Forevala W60 and Lark M1 have up to eight hours of recording time, which is three hours longer than the DJI mic, while only taking about an hour and a half to charge.

The major differences to look at between the Forevala W60 and the Lark M1 are latency and transmission range. While the Lark M1 can transmit up to 200m/650ft in a barrier-free environment compared to Forevala W60’s weaker 100m/328ft, Forevala W60’s latency is 10ms lower than Lark M1’s. 

For a small difference in price, Forevala W60 wireless microphone is optimal for small sets and higher quality audio, making it the perfect product that sits between the Lark M1 and the DJI mic. 

Tech Specs

Here is an in-depth breakdown of the technical specifications of the Forevala W60 wireless microphone according to SmallRig’s website:  

  • Frequency Range: 2400-2483.5MHz
  • Sensitivity: -81dB
  • Latency: <10ms
  • Working Distance: 100m/328ft (in a barrier-free environment)
  • Number of Audio Channels: 2 Channels
  • Pickup Pattern: 360 degrees omnidirectional
  • Sampling Rate: 48kHz 16 bits
  • Input Voltage (TX/TX/Storage Case): 5V
  • Display: LCD Screen
  • Battery Life (TX/RX): 8 Hours
  • Charging Time: 
    • 1 hour (TX)
    • 1.5 hours (RX)
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Product Size:
    • 57.0x37.6x18.7mm/2.24x1.48x0.7in (TX)
    • 61.0x44.5.0x21.3mm/2.4x1.75x0.83in (RX)
    • 163.0x72.0x29.5mm / 6.41x2.83×1.16in (Storage Case)

Should You Get This?

If you are looking for an affordable wireless microphone system to use on smaller sets, then the SmallRig Forevala W60 (2 TX and 1 RX, plus charging case) is something that definitely belongs on your shortlist. However, if you are looking for more options to enhance your audio, then this probably isn’t the system you are looking for.

SmallRig Forevala W60

  • For Vlog, Mobile Journalism, Livestream
  • 2 Clip-On Transmitters, 1 Receiver
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless Frequency
  • Omnidirectional Condenser Microphones
  • 328' Transmission Distance
  • 8-Hour Battery Life
  • Switch Between Mono and Stereo Recording
  • LCD Displays on Receiver & Transmitters
  • Plug and Play Smart Pairing
2-Person System

Currently, the kit is priced at only $199, making it a nice option for filmmakers and creators on a budget. It does compete with other adorable wireless microphone systems, so you can feel confident putting this system into your shopping cart. 

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Source: SmallRig