It seems like April 1st has become the new date for all of the big brands in the film and video space to unveil their wildest, and most unbelievable, new products and innovations! One might easily think it all an April Fool's joke if we weren’t so close to so many of these technologies becoming true here in the next few years or so.

But here we are, looking at this new announcement from SmallRig about their collapsible “Smart Voyager” production cart which is set to include many outlandish features like wireless charging, voice command, and even a “state-of-the-art laser system for obstacle detection prioritizing safety and smooth operation.”

Let’s dive into this foolish April 1st announcement from SmallRig.

The SmallRig Smart Voyager AI Production Cart

Announced via their social media accounts, SmallRig has shared the “world premiere” of their “Smart Voyager” collapsible production cart with the tagline of “leading creativity ahead.” This new production cart promises to step into a new era with its AI enhancements and features, including voice commands, a state-of-the-art laser system for obstacle detection, and a robust 1024Wh charging capacity.

Here’s the full write-up from SmallRig on this historic announcement:

World Premiere: Collapsible Production Cart "Smart Voyager" with Wireless Charge - Leading Creativity Ahead.

Step into a new era with an AI-enhanced production cart, enabling seamless control of lighting, storage, workstations, and more through voice commands. Encounter precise automatic tracking and a state-of-the-art laser system for obstacle detection prioritizing safety and smooth operation.

Featuring PowerADC and LiFePO4 battery cells, enjoy efficient charging with a robust 1024Wh capacity and parallel circuit design to power multiple devices simultaneously. The fully collapsible design, weighing just 23kg/50.7lb, ensures easy portability for on-the-go convenience.

Price and Availability

Again, like other similar April 1st announcements that we’ve seen today, there are few details about when these fictional new products are set to come out, as well as what we can expect them to cost.

However, with the rate of advancements in the film and tech industry these days, who’s to say that this AI-powered production cart might actually come out here soon?