The Snyder Cut is one of those things that felt like it would be lost to time. When it moved from being a legend to something that was happening, I didn't hold my breath. I did not believe Snyder would get the time, money, or cast together to be able to complete his vision. 

But I was stupid and wrong. 

By all accounts, Snyder's return to the DC World came at the perfect time. HBO Max was desperate for noisy content and needed a big draw. What's bigger than a franchise director finally getting to show us what we've been waiting to see? 

The superhero movie we were promised. 

So what will the Snyder Cut hold? And what will be different? We cannot be totally sure, but probably lots of new footage and plotlines. All we have is the trailer for now. But Mebta put that trailer side by side with the Joss Whedon film to show us the differences we could see right off the bat. 

Check it out, and let's talk after the break. 

How Do These Snyder Cut Scenes Compare to the Released Justice League Scenes?

They made the trailer to showcase new footage, so you have to expect a ton of it to be original and not comparable. But two things that stood out to me in the trailer comparisons are color and angle. 

It looks like the Snyder Cut is taking back the muted and "realistic" tones of the previous films and replacing the Whedon pops of purples and reds he used to make the movie look comic book-y. Though it could be a side effect of watching a trailer and comparing it with a movie, the Snyder Cut also feels like it is prioritizing wider angles in some of the over-the-shoulder scenes. 

Another obvious change is character and set design. Steppenwolf is now covered in spiked armor, and Superman appears to be in his black suit for much longer inside the story of the movie. 

The town in Eastern Europe they save in the movie looks like it's tweaked to reflect a different area, and there are rumors that family won't even be in the cut. 

Another big change is the choreography in some of the shared scenes. We won't know until we actually see the movie, but people appear to move differently. It's possible Snyder used different takes of the same scenes, which he favored. 

Are you excited for the Snyder cut? See anything I missed? Let me know in the comments. 

Source: Mebta