Zack Snyder, as we all know, has not had the best of luck with achieving his true vision on the first try. It took very unique circumstances and a ton of money for The Snyder Cutof Justice League to see the light of day.

Well, it seems he's got even more pet projects tucked away.

During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Sucker Punch was briefly brought up as an example of Snyder's first experience with a handsy studio making edits in an attempt at commercialism.

Check out the interview below.

“[Sucker Punch] was the first time where I really faced, like, a true radical restructuring of the film for it to be more commercial,” Snyder told Vanity Fair. “And there is a director’s cut of that movie that has yet to be released. I’ll say that out loud."

Sucker Punch is one of those love-it-or-hate-it movies. It's stylish, it's unique, but it was widely panned and generally didn't perform well. But Snyder still speaks fondly of the film.

“It’s a protest movie in a lot of ways. It’s a movie about genre,” Snyder told Vanity Fair. “I was asked at the time, ‘Why did you dress the girls like that?’ And I’d always go, ‘I didn’t dress them like that, you did.’ I always saw it as an indictment of, in some ways, popular culture. I think at the time I was criticized for it being the opposite, like, some sort of sexist rant. It was fun to make and I still love it to this day.”

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Source: Vanity Fair