The last year has been an interesting one for audio. Companies that usually make drones, wireless video transmitters, and camera cages have dipped their toes into audio.

Yet the form factor for all of these releases has differed from what creators usually see.

The Sony ECM-W3 is a wireless audio system that follows in the footsteps of that form factor, focusing on content creators and a design language you'd want to show off instead of hide behind a lapel.

Here's everything you should know.

Show Off Your Sony

As mentioned already, DJI, Hollyland, and SmallRig all released wireless audio transmitters and receivers that follow a similar form factor.

One receiver, two microphone transmitters, and a charging case, all with a design you'd want to show off on camera.

The ECM-W3 is Sony's addition to this new audio evolution.

Designed for content creators focusing on vlogging and/or interviews, the new system provides high-quality audio without the cords or cables you'd usually find in a Lav setup.

A noise-cut filter uses digital signal processing to reduce unwanted noise and a low-cut filter to remove unwanted low-frequencies. This can include things like AC units and wind, or any other consistent bass sounds.

What makes the ECM-W3 stand out from the competition is its ability to utilize Sony's Multi-Interface hot she found on its newer cameras. This allows compatible Sony cameras to supply power directly to the ECM-W3, all while recording audio straight to the camera, further reducing cord and cable clutter.

ECM-W3 \u200bMulti Interface Shoe compatibility

Multi Interface Shoe compatibility

Credit: Sony

But for those times when you don't have a Sony camera or want to record from a different device, the receiver includes a 3.5mm port and a USB-C port to connect to smartphones, laptops, or desktops.

The mic transmitters also include a 3.5mm port to expand the unit with a lav mic if you need it.

The 800lb Gorilla

Sony has always been a behemoth in the entertainment industry. From cameras to audio and even the TV you use to watch the movie that Sony Studios made, the company has a rich pedigree to lean on.

Sure, other companies have innovated in the design language, but Sony is utilizing its ecosystem to provide you with an audio system you can rely on.

Sony ECM-W3 Wireless Microphone System

The Sony ECM-W3 2-Person Wireless Microphone System offers two clip-on transmitters with built-in microphones and a dual-channel receiver with Multi Interface Shoe connection. The system supports the recording of both analog and digital audio signals in both mixed or separate channels for the ultimate post-production flexibility.

Yaroslav Altunin

And for $469 for the Sony ECM-W3, it's not a hefty investment. There's even a single-channel version that will retail for $349.

While we still have to see the unit in action, we've always been comfortable using anything Sony makes.