Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA (SSFF & ASIA) is an innovative fest that's consistently opened new avenues for filmmakers in interesting ways since it originated in 1999. SSFF & ASIA is taking it a step further this year, partnering with the digital asset system LIFE LOG BOX to take your film submission and management to the modern age and beyond.

LIFE LOG BOX works to keep your content safe with partially permanent data storage. It's a neat and nifty new service that puts filmmakers first by maximizing the value of our content, also allowing you to compile portfolios and earn new work and revenue in your respective marketplace.

The three main initiatives of LIFE LOG BOX are asset management, portfolio creation and marketplace accessibility, which they break down as such:

  1. Asset Management: Partially using IPFS technology, this distributed data storage system is designed for permanent storage, ensuring that important content is not lost in the event of an emergency.
  2. Portfolio: Creator introductions and works can be posted. Enter film festivals, sell contents, and connect with companies for project matching, etc.
  3. Marketplace: Using blockchain technology, create a system to return profits to creators by converting content, authenticating authenticity and clarifying ownership.

LIFE LOG BOX interfaceCourtesy of SSFF

This all sounds pretty cool and interesting and like it could be an exceptionally useful tool for filmmakers to have a sort of one-stop digital shop where their films can safely live and be distributed on a wider scale with ease. Anyone that's ever submitted and promoted films in the film festival circuit can attest it can become quite cumbersome and overwhelming, so a service like LIFE LOG BOX opens a lot of opportunitities for ease and kindness to filmmakers.

Read on below on how SSFF & ASIA is partnering with LIFE LOG BOX for this years fest.

Store Your Film's Assets Safely and Semi-Permanently 

LIFE LOG BOX safely stories files, data, and creative works even adopting IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) technology, basically meaning it can store anything submitted (for instance the short or feature itself, any loose files that may be associated with the film like a trailer or poster) semi-permanently preserving it.

The benefit of this is massive, not only providing a safe way to backup important digital assets without having to buy more hard drives, but also consolidating all of said assets in one place to quickly send out with ease.

Imagine being able to digitally access your xml or mxf with the click of a button. Pretty cool! It also manages related information, so in theory could work to build a deeper portfolio over time all in one place.

See the graphic below for a detailed breakdown.

LIFE LOG BOX asset management graphic

Courtesy of SSFF

Promote Your Films With Ease

LIFE LOG BOX asset management graphic

Courtesy of SSFF

Another cool feature is the portfolio, where, as mentioned above, you can easily showcase your work overtime as your projects accumulate.

LIFE LOG BOX is designed with the intent to help sell user contents, matching project with companies and even help manage contacts for content usage.

Another accompanying feature is the implementation of the marketplace, which utilizes blockchain technology to tokenize various rights related to content (example voting and viewership rights as NFTs).

The idea here is to clarify original authorship and ownership rights in order to build a better system to return profits to creators. We love anything that is inherently considerate of filmmakers having a better chance to make a profit for their work.

The NFT aspect is interesting too, where filmmakers would be able to resell their projects digitally this way, setting royalties so they can continue to profit from resale. Potentially a groundbreaking new direction for film sales and distribution.

Courtesy of SSFF

LIFE LOG BOX will be the port to explore your contents business opportunities with Japan & World's Film Network. There are actual track records of content acquisition through the Short Shorts for screening events, streamings, and TV broadcastings etc...

New Opportunities and Streamlined Festival Submission


Courtesy of SSFF

SSFF & ASIA are using this technology in interesting ways to help make their festival as innovative as ever.

Using Know-How of film festival, Network of Creators inside & outside of Japan, supporting companies and short film fans

By managing content with LIFE LOG BOX and registering a profile, it becomes possible to enter SSFF & ASIA (with plans to enable entry into other film festivals in the future) based on that information. Entry status and awards history are also interconnected, enabling centralized management.

They are aiming to bring transparency to judging by allowing participation in judging films nominated for festivals and awards, wanting to create film festivals together with creators.

How are filmmakers responding to this?

Jonathan Langager, director who has already registered his SSFF & ASIA award winning film "Cosmic Fling" commented as, “I’m more than grateful for everything ShortShorts and LLB has done to get my short film in front of an international audience. That’s a much needed service for filmmakers everywhere.”

Hitomi Kuroki, an actress and film director, said, "I have directed two short films and held a screening last year, but I felt that I had not yet reached a large number of people. I heard about LLB and I wanted to participate and support it. I believe that various barriers such as language, regulations, and budget for filmmaking will be overcome on this platform. New encounters will be born as well. I would like to encourage everyone who is aiming to make a living as a filmmaker to participate, that way LLB will be great force to support them. Let's all send our creatives to the world together!"

All in all it seems like an interesting, innovative new service that is very filmmaker first, and w're excited an esteemed festival like SSFF is collaborating and setting a new way forward for more and more festivals to test the boundaries of traditional festival structure.

Learn more about LIFE LOG BOX here and watch the video below for a staff breakdown of the software:

How to use LIFE LOG

Interested in testing it out?

LIFE LOG BOX starts Illuminate SSFF & ASIA 2024 Movie Contest on March 28. Your short film might have a chance to be screened at the International Short Film Festival Ceremony!
Voting rights for the contest will be distributed to the general public in LIFE LOG BOX.

The short clip that receives the most votes and is selected by the festival committee will be screened at SSFF & ASIA 2024 ceremony in June.

Please check the detail here.