Way back in August 2020, Starlight Media announced they were setting aside $100 million in a diversity fund to make sure they were working with a diverse array of filmmakers. After some initial success, they decided they could do more. 

They set out to support 30 to 50 diverse, emerging filmmakers. But now, Starlight says it has now helped a total of 50 directors get a foothold within the industry, and they are opening the doors for more. They want to add 50 more.

CEO Peter Luo said, “A bright spot for us during the pandemic has been the ability to spend time looking at the big picture of the entertainment industry, analyzing long-term opportunities that will flourish through the disruption of today. We are committed to taking a leadership position in supporting the creators of tomorrow with a belief that content will only grow in value globally. There is so much phenomenal but untapped, original content from talented and emerging creators around the world, who just need an opportunity or a place to incubate and ideate. This is what Stars Collective exists to provide, at growing scale.”

Starlight’s credits to date have included Crazy Rich AsiansMarshallMidwayGreta, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, so you know they have a crazy pedigree and the ability to kickstart incredible voices and ideas. 

It's fun to see them expand their search for new voices.

Among those to have been supported so far are filmmakers Sohil Vaidya, Yuxi Li, Stephan Lee, Ramez Silyan, Raed Alsemari, Phyllis Tam, Nadav Kurtz, Che Grayson, Avril Z. Speaks, Malika Zouhali-Worrall, and Kevin Wilson Jr.

On top of that, they are also working with the Sundance Institute to launch a grant program that will work as an offshoot of their idea. It's called the Sundance Institute Stars Collective Granting Fund, which will tap into an initial fund provided by Starlight.

Michelle Satter, Sundance Institute’s Founding Director, Feature Film Program, said in a statement, “We’re excited to join Starlight in their commitment to supporting filmmakers during these uncertain times, when support for independent voices is both historically challenging and crucial. This partnership will provide meaningful grants to diverse filmmakers, ensuring that there will be powerful, enduring stories from vibrant, diverse perspectives in the years to come.”

You can apply for the fund through the Sundance site

Good luck!