RØDE has been busy these last few months. After releasing three new Vlogger Kits, a new wireless audio system in Wireless GO II, and keeping you in the know with our Sound Week, the popular audio company has made the VideoMic Me-C available as a separate device, which was first introduced in the Vlogger Kit USB-C Edition.  

When it comes to audio quality and specs, the VideoMic Me-C is very much the same as the VideoMic Me-L (Apple lightning) and the VideoMic Me (3.5mm connections). You're getting a directional microphone with a cardioid pattern that will help reject unwanted audio from the rear and sides. Audio can be captured in 24-bit with sample rates of 44.1 or 48 kHz. It features a 3.5mm input on the rear of the device, allowing you to plug in headphones to monitor the sound.

What's different is the USB-C connector that can be paired with Android and iOS devices like the latest iPads. The VideoMic Me-C connects directly to the device without needing to worry about any extra cables, making for a clean and small footprint on the device which will greatly improve your audio quality compared to the onboard microphone. 

Similar to other models, the microphone can be plugged into the device either front-facing or rear-facing. RØDE also includes a furry windshield to reduce any wind noise when recording. The VideoMic Me-C works with the RØDE Reporter App as well as the camera and other recording apps on your phone. 

It's a no-brainer for RØDE to make the VideoMic Me-C available outside of the Vlogger Kit. What would be better is if RØDE took the VideoMic Me series to the next level with a universal design.

Instead of needing to purchase three different microphones to work across different devices, why not create an adapter system? A single mic and then you attach the adapter you need for the device: USB-C, lightning, 3.5, or whatever.

Obviously, it affects their bottom line in terms of selling more mics, but it would make much more sense. If you're out in the field and your iPhone dies but your friend has an Android device, simply switch out the connector and keep rolling. What might make it difficult is power draw, but it's something that could be figured out. 

 The VideoMic Me-C is available for pre-order for around $79.