It seems like the last few years have seen a glut in filmmakers examining their identities and youth in relation to film. You had Paul Thomas Anderson exploring youth in the 1970s with Licorice Pizza, and now Steven Spielberg covers the 50s and 60s with the familial drama, The Fabelmans.

Each of these films deals with the harsh truths about Hollywood and coming of age. Both have personal bends that lead to authentic portrayals of characters they may have met in their own lives. For Spielberg, you have an entire cast based on people from his family. 

So how did he get it all to come together?  

Well, lucky for us, PTA and Spielberg sat down for an all-encompassing chat at the DGA where they explored many facets of the movie and cinema in general. 

Check it out below. 

Steven Spielberg and Paul Thomas Anderson Discuss The Fabelmans

This was such an epic listen. I loved hearing how both directors approach writing endings and beginnings. There was a kind of lyrical strategy here, with each of them approaching things from different angles but having the same philosophies. 

I also thought Spielberg generously gave us a look into his own life, of course, waiting until his parents were gone to tell an unfiltered story about them. That led to PTA's praise for Michelle Williams, who really steals many a scene in this film. He called her "one of the best actresses out there right now.” 

Check it out and leave your thoughts below.