Today, the Wall Street Journal reported that Stranger Things Season 4 “has a per-episode cost of $30 million, according to people close to the show.”

That is a huge amount of money to spend on a single hour of television, let alone an entire season with multiple episodes at that budget point. While no one has seen the season. This seems on par with Game of Thrones' most expensive episodes. The show, which has heavy VFX, has been reported to be ending after the fifth season. 

Netflix has dominated the news lately. It raised its prices, got rid of password sharing, its stock fell, it has canceled beloved shows, added commercials to some plans, and it hit a wall when it comes to expansion. But Netflix knows the way it became a juggernaut was that it had groundbreaking original content that it wasn't afraid to spend money on making. While $30 million seems like an incredible amount, it's hard to judge without seeing the product. Many people came to Netflix thanks to Stranger Things. Maybe this next season brings many more viewers back. 

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