Jean-Luc Godard was a French-Swiss filmmaker who navigated the edges of cinema and broke the rules to challenge what audiences, critics, and filmmakers considered to be cinema. 

He was a filmmaker who never stopped working. He loved cinema, both as a creator and watcher, and was driven by the curiosity of what film could be. The French New Wave director directed nearly 70 features, documentaries, shorts, and works for television. He constantly examined what it means to be a filmmaker. 

Adyfilk put together a tribute to Jean-Luc Godard to celebrate some of his best shots over his career. Check out this supercuthere: 

The films included in the supercut cover about 20 years of Godard’s work. Here is the list of the films that appeared in the supercut:

  • Breathless(1960)
  • A Woman is a Woman(1961)
  • My Life to Live(Vivre Sa Vie) (1962)
  • The Little Soldier(Le petit Soldat) (1963)
  • Contempt(Le Mepris) (1963)
  • Band of Outsiders(1964)
  • A Married Woman(Une Femme Mariee) (1964)
  • Alphaville(1965) 
  • Pierrot le Fou(1965)
  • Masculine Féminin(1966)
  • Made in the U.S.A.(1966)
  • La Chinoise(1967)
  • Weekend(1967)
  • Wind from the East(Le vent d’Est) (1970) 
  • Vladimir et Rosa(1971)
  • Tout va bien (1972)
  • Every Man for Himself (1980)
  • First Name: Carmen(1983)
  • Detective(1985)
  • Oh Woe Is Me(1993)

These are just a few films from Godard’s long and extensive career. You can watch almost all of these films listed on the Criterion Channel now, and celebrate the memory of one of the most influential filmmakers of cinema.  

Is there a film we didn’t mention that you love? Let us know what the film is in the comments below!

Source: Adyfilk