With more churches and companies looking to online video streaming to conduct and manage meetings and announcements, higher-resolution gear has never been more in demand.

To that end, Teradek has sped up the development of 4K Audio/video transmission gear to meet the demand. The result is the new Spark 4K AV transmitter/receiver, capable of moving ultra-high-definition HDR video wirelessly over the 5GHz band.


“With the massive spike in streaming events and the subsequent demand for in-person events post-COVID, the expectation for engaging, high-quality content has never been higher,” said Michael Gailing, VP and GM of Creative Solutions’ Live Production business. “Spark 4K not only enables production crews to elevate the quality of their events, but it reduces setup and breakdown times, and improves the overall dynamic of the viewer’s experience."

About the size of an iPhone SE and as light as a baseball, the Spark 4K is capable of transmitting video up to 500 feet away with no latency or delay.  With an internal battery life of about two hours, and the option to power via AC, the Spark is a great wireless solution for both runners and gunners in the field, as well as those on set.  Spark also has the ability to send its wireless video field to multiple HDMI-enabled sources, such as computers, laptops, projectors, switchers, monitors, and other TV screens that support wireless transmission.


The Spark’s specs include 10 bit 4:2:2 color, 4K resolution at 30 fps, zero-latency at a 500-foot range, ports supporting HDMI, USB-C, and the option of internal battery life of two hours, or connection via 6-18v DC.

The Spark 4K Transmitter is also extremely light, at around 5.6oz, with the receiver a tad larger, but still the size of a cassette tape (if you remember what those look like). This makes it ideal to connect to a gimbal or on top of your DSLR. This makes it a valuable tool in the quiver of a one-person crew, who shoots weddings, conferences, corporate videos, live sports, and trade shows.

The Spark can also be controlled via your mobile phone, with Teradek’s Launchpad app on both iOS and Android, or via computer. The connection is also less vulnerable to congestion or obstruction than your typical 60hz AV receiver, so performance is at its peak for robust 4K transmission, even in crowded areas.

Prices for the Spark 4K transmitter or receiver are $749, with the ability to save $100 if you buy both as a combo. Available now.