Whether it's with an external monitor, smartphone, or the camera's display, monitoring your image during production has become second nature in digital workflows. Teradek has a new option to do so wirelessly with the Bolt 4K LT, a compact, more affordable version of its flagship Bolt 4K. Better yet, it doesn't skimp out on quality or features. 

The Bolt 4K LT is built around the same chipset of the Bolt 4K, offering a near zero-delay wireless video signal (<0.001 sec). There are two models to choose from: a 750-foot version and a 1500-foot version. Both are capable of monitoring a 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR signal where you can multicast video using up to 6 different receivers. The main difference between the Bolt 4K LT and Bolt 4K are the I/Os. The Bolt 4K LT only features 3G-SDI (1080 60p) and HDMI 2.0 (4K 30p) where the Bolt 4K offers 12G-SDI inputs and outputs. 

Teradek4klt_3Credit: Teradek

However, the Bolt 4K LT is cross-compatible, meaning you can mix and match the receivers or transmitters with the Bolt 4K. Besides the video signal, the units are able to send timecode, record flags, as well as metadata. Additionally, there's an optional Bolt 4K RX Monitor Module that allows you to pair the receiver with a SmallHD Cine 7 or 702 monitor. Why SmallHD? Teradek and SmallHD are owned by the same parent company, Vitec Group, so they are able to integrate technology. 

The Bolt 4K LT 750 is priced around $2,490 which is about half the cost of the Bolt 4K. The Bolt 4K LT 1500 is priced at $4,990 and the Bolt 4K RX Monitor Module is $1,490. The units are available in Gold mount or V-mount and there are kit options available as well. 

Source: Teradek