Teradek has announced the TOF.1, a lightweight infrared rangefinder for the RT Wireless Lens Control System. If you're unfamiliar with rangefinders what they does is provide real-time distance measurements between the camera's focal plane and the subject. So instead of breaking out the measure tape, focus pullers can look to the TOF.1 for exact measurements and know just how much they need to pull focus for a shot. 

Key Features 

  • Line-of-sight accuracy up to 80ft (25.4m)
  • IR sensor with a 3° field of view
  • Refresh rate of 60 measurements per second
  •  Distance Readouts on MDR.X, CTRL.1, and CTRL.3
  •  Autofocus functionality with Teradek RT
  •  Single cable for Power+Control
  •  Detachable Laser Sight for pinpoint accuracy
  •  Customizable Distance Overlays on SmallHD monitors


The TOF.1 is only compatible with Teradek's RT which was introduced in 2018. The RT system is made up of a controller, motor, and a receiver to give operators control over focus, iris, and zoom. When adding the TOF.1 to a MDR.X receiver, it can provide readouts on the CTRL.1 or CTRL.3 wireless handheld controllers. 


Teradek has also added an autofocus feature that allows it to continuously track a subject. Once calibrated, the autofocus can be activated through an on/off switch. After the operator selects a focus point, the lens motor will then maintain critical focus. Teradek says a smoothing algorithm "prevents excessive jitter within the lens motor" making sure back-and-forth adjustments are blended together. Pretty cool. 

The TOF.1 rangefinder module is available now and priced at $3,490.