Chris Terrio Apologizes to ILM for Leia VFX Slight

Lots of reasons are swirling around the internet for the Rose Tico minuscule screen time, but you can scratch ILM off the list after Chris Terrio misspoke. 

If you've been on the internet the last few weeks its been impossible to avoid talk about Star Wars and its treatment of Rose Tico. She was only in Rise of Skywalker for a little over one minute long, and the general reason given by Christ Terrio was that she had much more time on screen planned, including a few scenes with Leia. 

Terrio said:

We wanted Rose to be the anchor at the rebel base who was with Leia. We thought we couldn’t leave Leia at the base without any of the principals who we love, so Leia and Rose were working together.”

While that sentiment appeased some, people wanted to know why those scenes didn't make it into the movie. 

"As the process evolved, a few scenes we’d written with Rose and Leia turned out to not meet the standard of photorealism that we’d hoped for. Those scenes unfortunately fell out of the film...The last thing we were doing was deliberately trying to sideline Rose. We adore the character, and we adore Kelly — so much so that we anchored her with our favorite person in this galaxy, General Leia.”

On the surface, this offers a unique and hard-to-plan-for scenario that took creative edits and a ton of work to get around. 

Every movie has scenes that get cut and with Carrie Fisher's tragic death affecting the writing from the get-go, it made sense that when they were forced to pivot, things went sideways. 

But ILM, maybe the best VFX house in the world, called bullshit. 

They balked at the idea they'd turn something in that was not useable, and Terrio had to quickly issue a retraction, saying: 

“I badly misspoke if in an earlier statement I implied that any cut scenes between Rose and Leia were the fault of our VFX team and the wizards at ILM. In that earlier interview, I was referring to a specific scene in which Leia’s emotional state in Episode VII did not seem to match the scene we wrote for use in Episode IX, and so it was cut at the script stage before the VFX work was done. If we had chosen to use the scene, ILM would have made it look perfect. They always do. ILM performed actual miracles at every stage of the creative process in Episode IX. I remain in awe of their work.”

So where does that leave us? 

It seems pretty obvious that Rose was sidelined after a vocal minority of fans hated her and her arc from The Last Jedi 

Studios make these kinds of blockbuster movies to make money and, with this one, they didn't want to take any chances. They bent to the will of the masses. I think there is probably a mixture with what Terrio said too. 

Remember, Fisher had passed before shooting, so anything they used of her had to be lines or deleted scenes from the last films. 

So, while they may have found a way to shoehorn Rose and Leia together, those scenes may not have had the pop and rhythm they wanted for the story, and ultimately got cut.  

We will never know the 100% truth of the story, we can only hope that lessons were learned all around. 

As of right now, The Rise of Skywalker has made $774,829,514 in the worldwide box office. While it's hard to say these bumps in the road officially hurt the box office, the road forward for Star Wars films does look bumpy. 

Internal shakeups should be around the corner, especially as Disney prepares the next stories that will take place in a galaxy far, far away...     

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> the general reason given by Christ Terrio...

Was that inadvertent?

January 2, 2020 at 1:47PM


Major Inadvertent *salutes*

January 3, 2020 at 12:49AM

Rory Ryan

>"It seems pretty obvious that Rose was sidelined after a vocal minority of fans hated her and her arc from The Last Jedi."

Oh look, it's the "toxic fandom manbabies" narrative again. Gotta keep the myth that the only reason a female character would be criticized is due to "male fragility" and racism alive.

Rose Tico was the Disney Trilogy's Jar-Jar Binks. No one complained that Jar-Jar was almost entirely eliminated in Attack of the Clones and reduced to a single mute shot at the end of Revenge of the Sith, but the SJWs had their stopwatches out to count the seconds of screen time a useless character had in order to perpetuate their outrage.

Rose only existed because Ruin Johnson wanted to cram a token Asian female into Star Wars. Since she was only included to score diversity points and not for any story purpose, we've been treated to two years (plus) of ginned-up outrage-mongering and with her reduced presence in The Rise of Skywalker, we've been inundated with another wave of rage about the mistreatment of this "iconic" character who was so so great because SHUT UP she was. (Thought Experiment: What if Rose was portrayed by a white actress or, even worse, a man? Would anyone cry over the character's omission, all else being equal?)

The irony is that if Ruin had any writing ability beyond shallow paternal tokenism, he could've made Rose a good character by simply eliminating the useless side quest to Trump Casino World (where she leaves children in slavery in favor or freeing animals which will just be rounded back up) and making her the hacker. (It really should've been Maz Kanata, but Rose would've been fine.) She could've said something about how her warrior sister Paige (who blew up the dreadnought in the beginning) used to make fun of her nerdy interest in computers and make her feel lame, but now those skills are going to save the day.

That's just one option other than what Ruin did. It is actually possible to re-edit The Last Jedi to omit the entire Trump Casino World trip and Benicio Del Toro's lousy character; I've done it. Other than one long shot of the three of them, I removed him from the film and it looks like she opens the door to where they get captured. If I had access to the source footage, it'd be clean as a whistle. (As it is, I was able to chop out about 35 minutes of the movie without it being missed. The stupid mutiny and dumb bathos got jettisoned, too.)

The canard that "racist misogynists bullied Rose out of TROS" completely collapses upon the realization that Rey (female actor), Finn (black actor), Poe (Latino actor) had no reduction in screen time and Jannah (black female actor) was added along with the return of Lando (pimp daddy Billy Dee!). If you're such a shallow racialist that you have to ignore more people of color and obsess over Dominic Monaghan in order to prop up your narrative re: Rose's omission, then perhaps you should try the decaf.

I feel genuinely sorry for Kelly Marie Tran. I'm sure she's a sweet kid who thought she'd caught an epic career break only to be trapped in a misconceived token role and then made into a human shield and cudgel for SJWs seeking to tear apart everything with their divisive bigotry. Kid just wanted to work in the moving pictures biz.

It's tragic that this has happened to Star Wars, a simple saga that originally soared due to its being rooted in universally accessible monomyth only to be commandeered into serving as a skin suit for these intersectional political agendas. Story was sacrificed for sloganeering and rather than having a cultural moment we all could share in despite our differences, it became yet another battleground in the progressives jihad. (Remember when they predicted "incels are going to shoot up Joker screenings"? How'd that turn out? I mean other than no shootings and plenty of bank being made?)

It's weird that Disney, which doesn't do anything to LOSE money, allowed the most valuable IP in the world to be utterly corrupted this way. Between Solo and the reduced takes of TLJ and TROS, they've probably forfeited $1.5B in box office to scratch Kathleen Kennedy's and Ruin Johnson's SJW itches. While virtue-signalling may get you attaboys from your fellow travelers, it's terrible business. I don't think they're going to sell enough Baby Yoda dolls to cover these losses. Pity.

January 10, 2020 at 11:14AM, Edited January 10, 11:18AM