While the Nikon Z5 is considered to be an entry-level camera, the 24.3MP full-frame mirrorless camera can shoot 4K up to 30p, has a fast autofocus system, and image stabilization that's ideal for vloggers, creators, and photographers looking to create content with ease. 

To get it in the hands of more people, Nikon has announced a Test Drive program, which, through partnerships with local camera rental houses across the United States, offers the Z5 and a NIKKOR Z 24-50mm lens as a one-week rental for $49. 

After the rental period, if you are enjoying the camera, Nikon is doing you a solid and will apply the rental fee towards the purchase of a new camera. The $50 savings isn't a ton from its $1,300 price tag, but something is better than nothing. 

To find out what rental houses are participating in your area, Nikon has aggregated a searchable map. If you're in Los Angeles, Samy's Camera and Wooden Hills Camera are options, and if you're in New York City, the closest location is Berger Bros out in Long Island. 

You can find more about the Nikon Test Drive program here

Source: Nikon