The clock struck midnight and ended 2020, and I guess I was hoping there would be some significant change outside of writing a different date on my rent check. One of my favorite life traditions is going to the movies on New Years Day. That didn't happen this year. 

In fact, given much of the bleak news, it is beginning to be worrisome that it might not happen at all this year. 

But just when I get incredibly depressed, Dr. Fauci steps in. In a virtual conversation with California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Fauci said that if we correctly vaccinate our population for COVID-19 we can hope for a “semblance of normality” by fall, the prime time for theatrical releases. 

“Schools, theaters, sports events, restaurants — I believe if we do it correctly, we will be there by the early fall.” He continued, “If we do the kind of vaccines through April, June, July, that by the time we get to the early fall, we will have enough good herd immunity to be able to really get back to some strong semblance of normality.”

He went on to say the first wave inoculating the elderly and healthcare workers was going well, and if it continued to do so, things would only get better. 

“Let’s say [in] April, it will be what I call ‘open season.’ Namely, anybody who wants to get vaccinated can get vaccinated. If we then diligently vaccinate people in April, May, June, July, that we will gradually and noticeably get a degree of protection approaching herd immunity.”

This is good news for any who wanted to try to catch large prestige pictures and winter blockbusters before 2022, but a lot of the hope lies in the government rolling things out. And so far...that hope feels misplaced. 

Only time will tell. 

Got a prediction? 

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