There's been a lot of excitement around here about the new DJI Osmo Action, which seems well poised to really shake up the action camera space. However, day exterior shooting often requires ND filtration, either ND to help manage light levels or polarizers to manage glare. While DJI is making their own set of filters for the Osmo Action, we're also excited Tiffen, one of the dominant names in filter technology, is already shipping their filters for the little camera


The Osmo Action is built for thread-on filters, which is the system that Tiffen is using here so it's a fully compatible design, not an add on rigged together. In addition, you can see that the polarizing filters have a separate rotation system (the front knurled ring) that will allow users to set the precise polarization angle that most benefits the shot. Combine this with the front-facing camera on the Osmo Action and it's easier than ever before to set precisely the exposure and polarization you want on an action camera no matter how it's rigged.

In addition, they not only come with a carrying case but also have a scratch-proof coating, which will be very useful for a little camera you are going to toss around.


These are available in a set of 3 or 6 now.


Tech Specs

  • Unmatched Color Fidelity
  • Ultra-low Reflection Rates
  • Multilayer and Hydrophobic Coating
  • Waterproof Surface and Scratch Prevention Technology
  • Includes a Compact Carrying Case
  • Includes 10 Year Warranty