No Film School has talked about how great the Tokina Vista primes are in the past, and now the company has added to the family with a new 40mm T1.5 that covers camera sensors known for large-format image capture, including RED VV, Alexa LF, and Sony VENICE. 

Key Features 

  • 40mm T1.5 
  • Coverage FF, VV, Alexa LF
  • 46.7mm Image Circle 
  • Lens Mount PL, EF, E, M43, LPL
  • Front Diameter 114mm
  • Filter Thread 112mm


With the addition of the 40mm T1.5, the Vista series now has eight focal lengths to choose from, all of which are a fast T1.5, including an 18, 25, 35, 50, 85, 105, and 135mm.

The 40mm focal length is one of our favorites out in the field, as it creates a natural wide look without it being too distorted or imbalanced.

Deakins shot much of 1917 on three Signature Primes lenses, a 35mm, 40mm, and 47mm. To us, the 40mm is the new 35mm or 50mm. It gives a unique perspective. If you happen to be a YouTube creator who primarily talks to the camera, give the focal length a shot. See how much you like it. 

Optically, the 40mm T1.5 retains similar image characteristics of the Vista series as it's able to resolve 8K resolution, cover large formats up to Alexa 65 2:1 Open Gate, and touts the same 114mm front diameter and similar weight (approx. 5lbs in PL). Image wise, expect limited focus breathing, soft flares, and a gentle roll off. If you haven't seen them in action, check out the review below. 

The trend for lens manufacturers is to offer an interchangeable mount, and Tokina is no different, as the 40mm T1.5 is available in ARRI PL, LPL, EF, MFT, and Sony E.

The price is set at $7,499. You can learn more about it via Tokina