Which stands for "gear acquisition syndrome." How do we know this? We got a look inside his camera bag. 

YouTuber and filmmaker Peter McKinnon is currently shooting a behind-the-scenes documentary about Angels & Airwaves and while shooting got this:

It's not a bag. It's a closet!

Turns out DeLonge is a bit (hah!) of a gear nerd.


Here's just a small list of the gear that can be found in his closet:


DeLonge got into filmmaking and video and film gear after making a music video in 2004 for Taking Back Sunday's song "This Photograph Is Proof" and found the process "so artistically satisfying." 

I know the feeling. My favorite part of the video is when DeLonge says, of the RED camera, "I look a lot better in 8K..."

Oof.. getting a bit "gassy" myself.

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Source: Peter McKinnon