2020 was a hemorrhoid on the ass of life. We lost a lot of lives this year, gained a lot of weight, and missed movie theater on a daily basis. Nothing about this year has been remotely fun. 

Still, there were a few movies that did come out that were fun and interesting. And there was a lot of schlock. 

Now it's time to review this year in a kinetic and fun way... Check out the annual trailer mash-up from Sleepy Skunk

I don't know what it is about these videos that makes me consistently happy. There were lots of movies to celebrate this year. Things that come out of left field like Spontaneous, Freaky, and Bad Education (this won an Emmy, does it count?). 

I loved Bad Boys for Life, First Cow, and tried to decipher Tenet

Big or small, 2020 was an unusual year in cinema we will probably never forget. 

Let us know what you think about 2020, movies, and what you saw this year in the comments.