Hello, outside world! I'm coming up on almost 2 weeks on self-quarantine, which means 3 things: I'm going nuts, I'm driving my family nuts, and we've eaten a disgusting amount of trail mix, minus the unsalted peanuts.

But it also means another thing—my appetite to make stuff has gotten out of control. Maybe you can relate and have gone full Dogme 95 being stuck inside all day, trying to find ways to make these physical limitations work for the good of your creativity. If you want to make a little video or short film while stuck at home (perhaps for the NFS 60 Second Film Challenge), you'll have to find a way around a couple of huge roadblocks: lack of space and access to gear.

Chances are you can't go shoot anywhere you want or rent/buy any equipment, which means you'll have to make do with what you have at home. If you're like me and have a ginormous tripod that won't fit in small spaces, or don't have a tripod at all, Peter McKinnon has got a DIY hack that is sure to brighten up your day.

This is one of those hacks that makes you go, "Huh...why didn't I think of that?" 

Well, you probably didn't think of that because a global pandemic has never forced everyone to stay inside their homes indefinitely. (It's okay, I'm not judging you.)

Will this hack serve you when you're shooting videos sans tripod while on quarantine? Heck yes! Will it serve you once you're free to emerge from isolation and roam the earth once again? Maybemaybe if you don't have a tripod for some reason and need a really quick fixotherwise, probably not.

Really, this is just a great hack to keep in your noggin for emergencies—like knowing how to use your shoelaces to cut through zip ties if you're ever kidnapped or something.

What are some other great camera hacks filmmakers can use while stuck at home? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: Peter McKinnon