I'm not sure about you, but I went to the theater the first chance I could get to watch F9. It's an extreme entry into the series that allows director Justin Lin and stunt coordinator Andy Gill to pull off some insane stunts. The mix of practical and CGI really made the movie scenes feel real and exciting. 

But how did they pull off their biggest stunts? Like when they made one car swing off a cliff, other cars look magnetized, and how they got a 26-ton, three-section truck to drive upside down? 

Check out this video from Insider and let's talk after. 

How did The Fast and Furious Crew Flip a 52,000 Pound Truck? 

One of the things that made me most happy seeing F9 was the emphasis on so many practical stunts, from using crane arms to swing cars, to specific tracks built to give the impression a magnet was sucking a car sideways. 

When it came time for the truck flip, I had flashbacks to The Dark Knight, when Christopher Nolan flipped the tractor-trailer with an arm. A similar idea was used here, but on a larger scale (which is wild to type).

First, they had to use a large stretch of road to get the truck up to speed. Then they used other cars to make the speed look variably fast. To flip the truck they used some CGI, a pneumatic arm, and then a ton of shots from different angles that they stitched together. 

The trick in this film really has to do with setting up your shots and using a few cameras, so you can then remove any hint of the system in post-production and focus just on the visuals. They also played it fast and loose with the rehearsals, using toys to show what needs to happen, and then experimenting on a large scale to make sure they could get things right and safe. 

What was your favorite shot in the whole movie? 

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Source: Insider