Commercial production company Tool, along with director Wes Walker, helps Under Armour launch their first-ever AI-driven video campaign.

They combined AI, CG, and licensed footage to create the commercial about boxing great Anthony Joshua.

Check it out below and let's talk after.

The director of the spot, Wes Walker posted on Instagram, saying: “Under Armour asked us to build a film from nothing but existing assets, a 3D model of Anthony Joshua and no athlete access. This piece combines Ai video, Ai photo, 3D CGI, 2D VFX, Motion graphics, 35mm film, digital video and advances in Ai voiceover. Every current Ai tool was explored and pushed to the maximum.”

Right off the bat, I have to acknowledge that there was a human team behind this commercial, and even a human team conducting the AI.

That's great, because it keeps jobs intact.

On Tool's site, they say the whole thing was conceptualized and delivered in just four weeks - which is insanely fast for any commercial.

One hting that threw me was the voiceover in the commercial, which was generated from Anthony Joshua's real voice. They call it an "AI generated VO font".

The ad itself is monochrome and transitions through fantastical worlds in and outside of the ring. I found it to be a bit soulless, if we're being honest.

Boxing is one of the oldest and most human sports. It asks us to see people push themselves to the limit. And it's inherently a powerful dictum.

But seeing the computerized graphics took me out of that, and pushed me a little toward feeling like it was a video game, and not a dangerous and exciting event.

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