Travel filmmakers/photographers/humans, listen up. You might really dig this backpack.

Founded by two brothers that were tired of their lack of camera bag options, WANDRD is a company that specializes in creating functional and fashionable travel bags for photographers and filmmakers (and, pretty much just anyone who travels).

And now, they're hot off a successful Kickstarter campaign for their latest product, the Veer 18, a backpack with all of the necessary features you'd expect to see in a travel bag plus a ton of extras you might've never seen before.

It's designed specifically to be as lightweight and unobtrusive as possible when going on quick day trips, hikes, or even errands. In other words, it's the bag you bring so you don't have to lug around your "big bag".

The Veer 18 comes with plenty of storage, pouches, and pockets for all of your essential items, as well as a theft deterrent buckle, sternum strap, external gear loops, and a weather-resistant, lightweight, packable design, meaning that when you're done using it, you can just fold it up and put it away. But perhaps the most interesting thing about this backpack is its inflatable components...of which there are two: the Camera Cube and the Back Panel.

The Back Panel simply gives the backpack more structure, making it easier and more comfortable to wear...especially while out traveling the world.

The Camera Cube is designed to protect your camera from bumps, small drops, and other mishandlings that it may experience while out on your travels. It fits most standard DSLR and mirrorless cameras with up to 7.5" of space for a lens (a 25-70mm, for example).


One of the things I find most appealing about this bag is its multiple access points. You've got the side access for when you've got the thing on and you need to grab your camera, wallet, can just sling it over your shoulder, get your stuff, and never have to take the bag off. You've also got the traditional top access, which we're all familiar with since we've been wearing backpacks since kindergarten.

But then you also have these organizational pockets on the front and top of the bag, which you can store small stuff that you're likely going to need often, like your wallet, notebook, maps, whatever. I'm jealous of this feature, because, of course, the messenger bag that I've used for the last 10, 12 years doesn't have it, and my wife's dumb purse totally has it and I love it.


The Veer 18 is currently on Indiegogo and WANDRD is offering a couple of sweet kits and accessories that you might be into.

  • Veer 18 backpack: $79
    • Includes Back Panel
  • Inflatable Lens Case: $43
  • Detour Hip Bag + Camera Cube: $89
  • Veer 18 Photo Bundle: $118
    • Back Panel
    • Camera Cube
  • The Whole Enchilada: $208
    • Veer 18 bag
    • Back Panel
    • Camera Cube
    • Detour Hip Bag
    • Inflatable Lens Case

Head on over to Indiegogo to learn more about the Veer 18.

Source: Indiegogo