VEGAS Creative Software has released version 18 of VEGAS Pro which improves, among others, AI-driven effects, GPU-acceleration, and adds better motion tracking and color grading tools for editors, filmmakers, and content creators using its software. 

What's New in VEGAS Pro 18

  • Now includes multi-channel audio editing iwith SOUND FORGE Pro 14 
  • Artificial intelligence driven effects including Colorize and Style Transfer
  • GPU Driver detection and update utilities and automatic GPU configuration for hardware acceleration
  • New Motion Tracking Panel
  • New capture folder configuration and new audio encoder
  • Hardware encoding for HDR presets and automatic selection of IDTs based on metadata
  • Completely redesigned Plug-in management windows
  • New plug-ins: Flicker Reducer, Black Bar Fill, Denoise
  • Color Grading improvements: Dockable Color Grading Panel, Logarithmic Exposure Tool ("Camera Exposure"), Improved Auto Contrast, Skin-Tone Line for Vectorscope, Combined RGB Display for RGB Parade scope
  • Optional trim handles for timeline events;
  • Timeline cursor location storage saved with project files;
  • Video engine performance improvements;
  • New presets and animations for Titles and Text


Cloud-based Media and Live Streaming 

Additionally, VEGAS Creative Software has plans to offer cloud-based media management, file transfer, backup, and collaboration capabilities for VEGAS Pro users. The suite of tools includes a VEGAS Hub to secure files in a centralized location, VEGAS Transfer that will allow you to upload and transfer media files to VEGAS Hub. Transfer will be available for iOS and Android. VEGAS Prepare will allow you to organize media with custom collections, tags, filtering, and sorting. And VEGAS Pro Hub Explorer will allow you to view all the custom collections created, as it acts like a "portal for remote collaboration, file sharing, and organizing collections." 

Once available, the tools will be initially offered for free to subscription customers. The cost for those who have a perpetual license of VEGAS Pro will be announced in October. 

The company will also be launching a new live streaming software called VEGAS Stream that will be integrated directly in the VEGAS software. It's uncertain if any hardware will be needed for multiple cameras, but VEGAS Creative Software says all the elements will be recorded using either VEGAS Pro 18 or VEGAS POST Suite, which can be later edited. More details are expected this month.