Earlier this year Venus Optics released a lens roadmap of future focal lengths, and among them was a new series of lenses dubbed Argus. Designed with an extremely fast 0.95 aperture, the series plans to cover different-sized sensors including MFT, APS-C, and full-frame.

Venus Optics has officially launched the new family of lenses with the Laowa Argus 33mm F0.95 CF APO for ASP-C. 

Available in Sony E, Canon R, Nikon Z, and Fuji X, the unique focal length should be intriguing for videographers and still shooters alike with its $499 price point.

While the Argus series lacks autofocus compatibility, it doesn't lack when it comes to speed. At F/0.95, you're getting a lens that's more than capable of working in low light conditions. It also has a stepless aperture ring, allowing you to adjust the exposure without the worry of any noise. Venus Optics is also saying the Argus has a longer focus throw, which should make transitions feel less digital. 

Spec-wise you're looking at 14 elements in 9 groups, with a single ED and aspherical element along with three refraction elements to reduce ghosting. The 9 blade aperture design will help create rounder-looking bokeh, and the lens has a minimum focusing distance of 1.1′ (35cm) for close-up work. The lens features internal focusing and a 62mm filter thread so combining an ND or polarizing filter will be easy.

The lens weighs 20.81 oz (590g) and is about 3" in length, making it ideal for gimbal setups as well. 

Laowa_argus_33mm_1_0Credit: Venus Optics

While 35mm has been the de facto focal length for portrait photography, having a 33mm lens will separate your images that much more from other image creators. 

Venus Optics plans on releasing a Laowa Argus 25mm F0.95 (MFT) and two full-frame lenses, a 35mm F0.95 and 45mm F0.95.

The Laowa Argus 33mm F0.95 CF APO is available now for $499.