Things look a bit different around here today! That's because we just relaunched this website, rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and easier to use.

It's hard to believe I started No Film School over thirteen years ago! This is now on our third version of the website, and we've got a lot of exciting things coming.

Last time we relaunched, all the way back in 2014, the objective was to build a full-fledged community site, with forums and user pages. Unfortunately that didn't work, thanks to spam, bots, and a lack of resources. In retrospect, we were perhaps a bit too ambitious for a niche website. This time around, our priorities are simpler: speed and ease of navigation.

What's New?

The topics are listed right across the top so they're easy to find. There's a new nav (hit the "hamburger" at top left — more to come soon). We're using infinite scroll technology to load relevant articles next. But for the most part, we're focused on modernizing the site for better load times and a better user experience.

We're also using an entirely new back-end, but that doesn't matter to you, the readers! Indeed, most of the changes are behind-the-scenes, with a new CMS (Content Management System) that will enable us to write more/superior articles, and handle multimedia and other embeds better. Oh, and the comments have changed...


For now, we're using Facebook comments. We're nearing a million followers on Facebook (thanks to you!) so that is our single largest engaged user group, and we hope by offering a simple comment login process, we'll make it easiest to hear from you all.

The bad news, as we previously mentioned, is the old comments are unfortunately gone. We'll find out if this is the best commenting solution going forward, by hearing from you — and by seeing what kind of spam/moderation issues we might have... But we're glad to have you here!

We're just getting started

The site will continue to change, post-launch. We're working on many changes that didn't make it in time for launch, so stay tuned! In the meantime, please leave us a comment below to test it out!