On Sunday night, Elton John became the 20th person in history to become an EGOT winner. Immediately, I saw Twitter ablaze with more people figuring out what an EGOT is and who in the past has won some.

Today, I wanted to define EGOT and then take you through some of the past winners.

But first, a little factoid, the EGOT acronym came from actor Philip Michael Thomas. He coined the term in 1984 when his role on Miami Vice made him famous. In an interview, he said he hoped to win an EGOT within five years.

So, what's an EGOT?

What is an EGOT and Who Has Won EGOTS in the Past?

The EGOT Awards are four of the most prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. To become an EGOT winner, an individual must win all four awards. This distinction is highly sought after in the industry, and there have only been 19 EGOT winners to date.

The awards are given out in different categories, including television, film, music, and theater, and they recognize excellence in various aspects of entertainment, such as acting, composing, directing, and producing.

EGOT Definition

An EGOT is a distinction given to individuals who have won all four of the American entertainment industry's most prestigious awards: an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. The EGOT is considered one of the greatest achievements in entertainment, and only a select few individuals have achieved this distinction.

A List of Every EGOT Winner

There have been 19 EGOT winners ever, with the first EGOT winner being Helen Hayes after winning a Grammy in 1977. Each has a bunch of notable and important projects that got them there. I tried to list the most important ones below. You can do a deep dive into each person to learn more. Many won multiple awards for their work on adaptations for the stage, screen, and soundtracks.

  1. Helen Hayes - The Sin of Madelon Claudet (Oscar), Happy Birthday (Tony)
  2. Richard Rodgers - Oklahoma! (Tony), The Sound of Music (Oscar)
  3. Rita Moreno - The King and I (Tony), West Side Story (Oscar)
  4. Audrey Hepburn - Gigi (Oscar), Ondine (Tony)
  5. Robert Lopez - The Book of Mormon (Tony), Frozen (Oscar)
  6. Helen Gallagher - Look Ma, I'm Dancin' (Tony), Ryan's Hope (Emmy)
  7. James Earl Jones - The Great White Hope (Tony), The Lion King (Oscar)
  8. Mel Brooks - The Producers (Oscar), The 2000 Year Old Man (Grammy)
  9. Mike Nichols - The Graduate (Oscar), Barefoot in the Park (Tony)
  10. Whoopi Goldberg - The Color Purple (Tony), Ghost (Oscar)
  11. Helen Mirren - The Audience (Tony), The Queen (Oscar)
  12. Lin-Manuel Miranda - Hamilton (Tony), Moana (Oscar)
  13. Robert Morse - How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Tony), Mad Men (Emmy)
  14. Barbra Streisand - Funny Girl (Oscar), The Way We Were (Grammy)
  15. Liza Minnelli - Cabaret (Oscar), Liza's at the Palace (Tony)
  16. Audrey Hepburn - My Fair Lady (Oscar), Gala Performance (Tony)
  17. Tim Rice - Evita (Grammy), Evita (Oscar), Jesus Christ Superstar (Tony), Jesus Christ Superstar (Emmy),
  18. Andrew Lloyd Webber - Cats (Tony), The Phantom of the Opera (Oscar), Jesus Christ Superstar (Grammy), Andrew Lloyd Webber: Sunset Boulevard (Emmy)
  19. Viola Davis - Finding Me (Grammy), How to Get Away with Murder (Emmy), Fences, (Oscar), King Hedley III (Tony), Fences (Tony).
  20. Elton John - won two Oscars for “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” in Rocketman and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” in The Lion King. In 2000, John won a best original score (music and/or lyrics) written for the theater Tony for the play “Aida.” Won an Emmy for "Elton John Live: Farewell From Dodger Stadium."

Has Anyone Ever Won More Than One EGOT?

Yes. Robert Lopez is the only person to ever have a double EGOT—a person who has won all four awards at least twice. He has three Emmys, two Oscars, three Grammys, and three Tonys. That's a ton of awards!

Summing Up the EGOT Awards

The EGOT Awards are a testament to the talent and hard work of the individuals who have won them, and they are a symbol of their lasting impact on the entertainment industry.

Let me know your favorite winner in the comments.