Want to know how the real pros write a screenplay? Well, Kurt Wimmer is about to take you completely inside his process. He's the mind behind the Total Recall and Point Break remakes, as well as Law Abiding Citizen and Equilibrium

Now, on his YouTube channel, Wimmer is recording his process of writing a new screenplay called Fortunate Son. The first video doesn't have synced sound, but the other ones do. Check out the first video below!

Each day, Wimmer gives a brief introduction to what his goals are for the day, where he is in the script, and what his plan is for the day. Then, you watch his screen as he types. The second episode is condensed down to almost 13 minutes where he writes in sped-up time, then talks throughout. The third episode is long again and shows him writing and ideating in mostly real-time. 

This is a great way to dispel the rumors of great writers being magic. Wimmer is putting in hard work, over and over. And we get to watch. 

There are only three episodes currently uploaded onto his YouTube channel, but we will keep you up-to-date on any gems we find from watching him write an entire screenplay.

If this interests you, check it out. 

Source: KultKinoHaus