As the snow begins to fall and the festive lights twinkle, there's no better time to curl up with a warm drink and let your imagination wander through a wonderland of storytelling possibilities.

Whether you're a seasoned screenwriter, an aspiring filmmaker, or just a lover of holiday magic, our collection of 20+ winter holiday movie writing prompts is sure to spark your creativity.

Check them out below.

20+ Writing Prompts for Winter Holiday Movies

The cast of 'The Holiday Shift' laughing as it snows

The Holiday Shift

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Holiday movies are so much fun to watch with family and friends. From heartwarming tales of love and friendship to magical adventures in snowy landscapes, each prompt is a starting point for your own unique and festive narrative.

So grab your notebook, light a candle, and get ready to explore the joyous, whimsical, and sometimes comical world of holiday movie writing!

  1. A curious child discovers an old snow globe in their attic on Christmas Eve. Every time they shake it, they are transported to a magical winter wonderland, but they must return before midnight.
  2. Two strangers, tired of their own holiday traditions, swap families for the winter holidays, only to find love and new traditions in unexpected places.
  3. On a snowy Christmas Eve, passengers on a delayed train share their life stories, forming a unique bond and helping each other rediscover the true spirit of the holidays.
  4. A small town struggling with the holiday spirit is visited by a mysterious person who grants wishes, but only if the townspeople can come together and solve a festive puzzle by Christmas.
  5. An overworked city dweller inherits a reindeer farm in the countryside and learns the importance of slowing down and enjoying the small moments during the holiday season.
  6. A struggling bakery owner finds her luck changing when she discovers a magical mistletoe that seems to bring happiness and love to anyone who stands under it.
  7. A lonely lighthouse keeper finds companionship and joy when a stranded traveler and her children seek shelter during a winter storm, bringing the warmth of family to his solitary life.
  8. A group of unlikely friends plan a heist to retrieve a stolen Christmas artifact, learning about teamwork and the holiday spirit along the way.
  9. An elf who dreams of becoming one of Santa’s helpers gets the chance to prove himself when he is sent on a secret mission to a town in need of Christmas cheer.
  10. A group of friends make a pact to help each other fulfill their New Year's resolutions, leading to a series of heartwarming and hilarious adventures as the clock ticks towards midnight.
  11. A talented baker enters a gingerbread house competition in a quaint town, finding both rivalry and romance as she tries to create the winning masterpiece.
  12. A young journalist tasked with writing about people's Christmas wishes uncovers a heartwarming story of a community coming together to fulfill a child's wish, rekindling her own holiday spirit.
  13. A struggling musician returns to their hometown for the holidays and ends up directing the local holiday concert, rediscovering their passion for music and finding love along the way.
  14. A historian discovers a hidden castle under snow.
  15. A detective, known for working through the holidays, takes on a case that leads them into a series of holiday celebrations, where they learn to appreciate the season's joy.
  16. A small town organizes a Christmas festival to attract tourists, but it's the unexpected arrival of a famous astrologer that brings magic and romancer.
  17. When Santa's sleigh goes missing, a group of adventurous kids team up to find it, embarking on a journey filled with challenges, laughter, and holiday magic.
  18. A travel writer stays at a historic inn during the holidays to write a review, only to find herself entangled in a century-old holiday mystery involving the inn’s founders.
  19. A scientist and a dreamer team up to study a rare Christmas comet.
  20. A lonely stray dog wanders into a small town during the holidays, touching the lives of the residents and bringing them together in heartwarming ways.
  21. In a town that has forgotten the joy of winter, a lonely snowman comes to life and befriends a young child. Together, they embark on adventures, rekindling the town's love for the holiday season.
  22. A group of childhood friends reunite to open a time capsule they buried on New Year's Eve 20 years ago. The contents lead them on a nostalgic journey, rekindling old friendships and sparking new romances.
  23. A photographer travels to a remote village to capture the Northern Lights and ends up documenting the village's unique Christmas traditions, finding love and a sense of belonging along the way.
  24. A down-on-their-luck choir director must bring together a group of mismatched singers to win a prestigious Christmas choir competition, discovering the power of music and community in the process.
  25. A mystical holiday wreath grants wishes to those who hang it with true Christmas spirit. As different townspeople make their wishes, their lives intertwine in miraculous and heartwarming ways during the holiday season.

Remember, every snowflake in the vast winter sky of creativity is unique, and so is your story. We can't wait to see the heartwarming narratives, whimsical adventures, and magical moments you'll create from these prompts.

Whether you're writing a script, crafting a short story, or simply daydreaming by the fireside, keep the spirit of the holidays alive in your heart and in your words.

Happy writing and happy holidays.