Control of lights wirelessly is a rising trend in the lighting industry, but many applications involving iPad control leave a lot to be desired: the lack of physical knobs, Wi-Fi connection problems, and fine-tuning inaccuracies.

Designed for use with the industry standard LumenRadio wireless DMX receivers, the Gaffer's Control from Belgian gaffer Bert Reyskens allows you to have full control of your lights in a tiny, portable workstation.

Once your LumenRadio transmission is established, you simply select the profile in the Gaffers Control box and you're connected. Not only can you control intensity, but each protocol that your specific fixture has, including (but not limited to): hue, saturation, intensity, gels, and effects. If it's simple bi-color control you're after, you can group together up to 7 fixtures on just one of the fourteen buttons. If you need full control of an RGB light, for example, an Arri SkyPanel in ultimate mode, it will eat up one whole button. 

The Gaffers Control box is fully customizable with profiles, which requires some preparation, but once you get everything set up it can save gaffers a lot of time on set. Through the SPOTS client software you can download profiles for lights as they are generated (by users or by SPOTS) or as new lights come out. There are currently over 160 profiles available on the SPOTS website.

Tech Specs

  • Built-in LumenRadio transmission
  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery (chargeable through 4-pin XLR, runs up to 12 hours)
  • Runs on 9-18v for external battery use
  • Multi-touchscreen
  • Disable touchscreen
  • Accurate adjustments through 7 endless turnable knobs (default 1% per click)
  • 7 flash Buttons
  • Main screen overview of all variables
  • 14 adjustable fixtures
  • Expandable fixtures library
  • WDMX transmitter
  • One master fader for intensity only
  • Stand-mountable w/ C-stand adapter


Normally, the Gaffers Control retails for $3299, but SPOTS is running a special promo for Cinegear, dropping the price down to $2899.

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