Wooden Camera's New $399 Zip Box Pro is an Affordable and Functional Matte box

Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro $399 3-Stage Mattebox
The new three-tray, lightweight and cost-effective matte box from Wooden Camera.

Matte boxes have always been a sticking point in any kit. They are usually so expensive that many people on a budget turn to using variable NDs and threaded filters instead. While variable NDs are handy and fast to use, the image quality is what suffers when you don't use true 4x5.65 ND filters made by Tiffen or Schneider or other filter manufacturers.

It looks like Wooden Camera has finally solved this for filmmakers working with tight budgets, as the new Zip Box Pro improves upon their original Zip Box design to bring a lightweight, fully-featured 3-tray matte box to the market.

  • 3 4x5.65 Front-loading Filter Trays
  • Carbon Fiber top flag
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Clamp-on starts at $399
  • Swing-away kit starts at $499
    • Swing away version is tilt-able to control flare

Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro Swing-away Configuration

Launch Featurette:

Zip Box Pro Overview:

Zip Box Pro Front Loading Filter Trays
Zip Box Pro Front Loading Filter Trays

For more details check out Wooden Camera's website. Excited to get our hands on the Zip Box Pro and really review it in a world scenario. Stay tuned.     

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For people on a budget I would have thought a 4x4 matte box would have made more sense.
4x5.65 filters are hard to come by on the used market and aren't necessary with the vast majority of lenses.

February 16, 2019 at 3:08AM, Edited February 16, 3:08AM

Richard L
Camera assistant, DIT, DOP

Aren't 4x4 mostly photo filters? I really only encounter 4x5.65 filters on set. It might be confirmation bias because I mostly work with 4x5.65 matte boxes.

February 19, 2019 at 12:07AM

Zack Wallnau
Cinematographer & Tinkerer

Function is nice, which is primary of course. Just wish it wouldn't look so ugly, though. Reminds me of my $25 ebay mattebox from 10 years ago :/

February 18, 2019 at 7:12AM

Gleb Volkov
Director of Photography