Wooden Camera's V3 Cage Is 33% Lighter and Shipping Now

Wooden Camera's Director's Monitor Cage V3 Is Shipping
Credit: Wooden Camera
The ubiquitous Director's Monitor Cage from Wooden Camera goes on a diet.

A director's monitor, also known as a clamshell, is one of those tools that, when used once, makes it very difficult to go back to not having one. Even more so when the cage in which your monitor is housed is light and versatile, like Wooden Camera's new offering.

With an all-carbon-fiber construction for the handgrips and rod supports, the new Director's Monitor Cage V3 from Wooden Camera is 33% lighter than its predecessor, making an integral part of production even easier to use. 

Just like they say in the product demo video, "simple changes make a big difference."

Video is no longer available: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pL9Bfb3A5U

Wooden Camera's New Director's Monitor Cage V3
Credit: Wooden Camera

If you've ever had a client leaning over your shoulder or you yourself have ever had to screen peak onto your cinematographer's viewfinder, then you already know the woes of not having a monitor for viewing your content. Likewise, with a wireless setup, the interaction between crew members becomes exponentially more streamlined. Cages like the V3 just make sharing and carrying around monitors around a lot easier.

For example, I was directing a commercial and when I was on-set, my gaffer needed a frame reference to see where she could position the light without breaking the frame and my cinematographer wasn't available (10-1, if you know what I mean). Rather than have her run back and forth between the camera and the light, or have me shout at her about the light's position, I can simply walk over to her and show the frame to her and she can adjust, quickly and accurately, without wasting any time at all. 

Plus, there's a great deal of satisfaction when you hand a wireless monitor to a client that's never seen one before. It's priceless. 

Key Features

  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Less than 1 pound (33% lighter due to carbon fiber construction)
  • Dual-direction swing-away backplate for seamless access to the rear of the monitor
  • Fits up to a 9" diagonal screen
  • Backplate can fit up to two Teradek receivers

The Director's Viewfinder Cage V3 is shipping now and is available to purchase for $299    

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