Wooden Camera is always pushing the envelope with its builds, and its work with the new Sony Burano is no exception. They got their hands on a brand new camera and already were creating something special for cinematographers.

It was so fun catching up with them at NAB 2024 and seeing how they stay cutting-edge.

Check it out below.

What's Happening with Wooden Camera This Year? 

In a conversation between our video coverage hosts at NAB Show 2024 Cinematography for Actors and Wooden Camera, we dug deep into the new Burano Build.

They worked with Sony to get the dimensions of the camera and then start conforming their accessories to the camera. They made sure there's no hard angles, and even have some vintage accessories like their ultra-handle and mounting points.

They also made it possible to add multiple rods with their new spacing. And adapted it for quick transfers to a cheese plate or a shoulder rig.

These varying components are so efficient and intuitive I can't wait to test them out.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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