People are cutting cords all over America, and YouTube is trying to reward them.

The site has just added dozens of seasons of around 100 TV shows. That's about 4,000 individual episodes.

You can watch any and all of them for free, with advertisements. And these aren't weird shows you've never heard about. The lineup includes Scream Queens, Unsolved Mysteries, Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Andromeda, Heartland, Sanctuary, Hidden Palms, 21 Jump Street, Iron Chef, Brewster Place, and Are We There Yet? These new TV shows will support the 1,500 movies the platform already has available. 

All these moves have been done to make sure YouTube stays competitive with other streaming services.

As of right now, Nielsen estimates around 135 million people have a YouTube app on their TV. The ad-based availability allows them to have offerings without having to develop too much of their own ideas and take risks on shows that might be expensive for the platform to produce. 

What will you watch first?