Zacuto has introduced a new shoulder rig series dubbed ACT Recoil for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The line is Arca-Swiss compatible and can be configured for handheld, cage, tripod, and of course, shoulder-mounted shooting.


According to Zacuto, ACT Recoil is compatible with every mirrorless and DSLR on the market, which is a bold claim. The engineering is based on the universal Arca-Swiss baseplate and there are six main components to the universal ACT Recoil rig: the cage, baseplate, EVF, EVF mount, top (or side) handle, and trigger grip.

The series includes nine different models. A basic version, a cageless version, a universal cage version, and six camera specific models with cages designed for the Blackmagic Pocket 6K/4K, Fujifilm X-T3, Nikon Z6/Z7, Panasonic S1H, Sony a7R IV, and Z CAM E2 series. 

The cageless and basic versions are for those who already own a Arca-Swiss compatible cage or don't need one or a EVF. However, both models come with a curved 15mm rod that attaches directly to the baseplate that can mount an EVF. 

With that said, the ACT Recoil rigs steal all the best features from its cinema VCT-style Recoil line and shrinks it size. The rig is customizable and fully configurable for many different shooting styles. Using the ACT mounting plate, which is padded for shoulder use, allows for smooth transitions between a tripod, dolly, slider, or gimbal. The cage features 1/4-20", 3/8-16", and ARRI screw mounts for additional accessories. The wooden handgrip can be rotated 360° to fit any operating style, though it is designed for the right hand.

The ACT EVF Pro is a 3.5″ LED-backlit HDMI electronic viewfinder. It has a flip-up eyepiece and anti-fog optics with a soft eyecup. The EVF features HDMI loop-through, focus peaking, U/D and L/R zooming, and is powered through a LP-E6 battery. 

Pricing & Availability 

The ACT Recoil rigs range from $850 for the basic version up to $1,450 for a camera specific model. Zacuto has also refreshed its Marauder Mini chest stabilizing rig for DSLR and mirrorless cameras that's completely foldable. It costs $450

Do you have a favorite rig or want us to review one? Tell us in the comments below. 

Update March 3, 2020: Content was removed to reflect pricing. 

Source: Zacuto