For the audio junkies out there, Zaxcom has released firmware version 2.0 for its Nova recorder-mixer-receiver. The significant update increases the track count from 12 to 16, improves its Automixer, and now supports the Oasis control surface, among other new improvements. 

The Nova is now a 16 track recorder, mixer, and receiver in one. It's aimed at sound mixers in need of a robust device that can handle the daily demands of film and television recording. It combines the best of Zaxcom's flagship recorder Deva 24 and its portable Nomad recorder. The standout feature being its integrated wireless receivers. 

What makes Zaxcom products unique are that its recorders and wireless audio are designed to work together seamlessly. It's like a Sony lens working with a Sony camera. They are just going to talk to each other better over other lenses. It's the same with Zaxcom. When using Zaxcom's MRX414 wireless receivers with Nova, you can record up to eight channels of wireless audio at once. And it's integrated into the device. That's means a smaller footprint, leaving more room in the sound bag or on the sound cart. 

Zaxcom wireless transmitters also have distinct features, including encrypted audio, the ability to record simultaneously to an internal microSD card, and increasing the number of wireless channels through ZHD Modulation. 


The Nova is packed with features you'd expect from a high-end device including 24-bit recording, timecode support, phantom power, AES, simultaneous memory card recording, a tunable front end tracking filter, buttery smooth control knobs, and a ton of output routing options. It also incorporates some of Zaxcom's advanced tech like prerecord, encrypted audio, NeverClip inputs, and ZaxNet Remote, which allows you to adjust the wireless audio remotely. 

With firmware version 2.0, Nova receives an adaptive threshold algorithm to its Automixer, which automatically opens and closes any microphone for smooth transitions with dialogue while eliminating background noise. The update also adds support for the Oasis control surface, an external Zaxcom mixing panel with 8 motorized faders. 

Other improvements include a new walkie talkie interface that lets you use a slate microphone and headphones with integrated push-to-talk functionality, a new mirror file list manager that keeps a running list of of mirrored files, the ability to disable unused home screen views, and you can now generate Sound Reports while mirroring. 

Find out more about Nova here. Download version 2.0 on the Zaxcom support page.