Cinema Devices, the creators behind the Antigravitycam and Ergorig, are back with a new way for filmmakers to capture handheld shots using a Steadicam setup. ZeeGee is a three-axis head, and when mounted to a Steadicam arm, it creates the look and feel of handheld. 

The setup gives you complete freedom of movement with pan and tilt, while the roll axis replicates handheld operation without shake. Essentially, by attaching ZeeGee to a Steadicam arm, you'll get the look of handheld, plus the stability and range of the Steadicam setup. When it comes to long takes, the weight displacement is going to be great for operator fatigue. 

ZeeGee gives you complete axial isolation and full operational control. To mount it to a Steadicam arm, there's a separate ZeeGee Dock. The ZeeGee Dock supports the ZeeGee from the hand assemblies via locking yokes and can be looked at similarly as a docking station to charge your phone. But instead of adding juice to your smartphone, the ZeeGee Dock allows you freely operate ZeeGee and provides a balancing bar to set the side-to-side and tilt-drop rate in the head. 

Together, the setup can be used for small or larger camera builds and mounts to all Steadicam arm posts via the 5/8" baby pin.

The rig allows you to make fine-tune adjustments, as there are separate drop rates for tilt and roll, while tilt can be dampened. You can also lock off each axis to balance the rig, or if you want to use the right for ground setup. While on the topic of different setups, you can also switch out from the Steadicam arm to a tripod, dolly, or undersling rig fairly quick, especially if you're moving from a 5/8" pin to another 5/8" pin. 

The ZeeGee is priced at $5,500, but Cinema Devices is running a special where the first 50 people get $1,000 off. The ZeeGee Dock is $500. So out the door, you're looking at $6-5K depending on when you buy it. 

You can find out more over on the ZeeGee support page