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Free Online Courses for Aspiring Filmmakers

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This is a guest post by freelance writer Donna Reish.

You don’t have to have a bachelor’s or graduate degree in film in order to become a successful film maker—but you do need to have talent and knowledge of the industry. Open courseware are online classes that are offered entirely for free. The catch? You can’t claim college credit or ask for a professor’s assistance. But you do have access to an abundance of educational resources with which you can teach yourself. Resources typically include recorded video lectures, course readings, project outlines and old exams with keys.  So no matter if you need to learn the basics or what to freshen up your knowledge, consider taking the open courseware featured below.

Video Production and Creation

These courses are designed to teach students the in and outs of actually putting their vision on screen and putting their filmmaking skills to the test. Students will learn a variety of concepts from basic video capturing and editing to more advanced techniques like creating holographic images and 3-D designs.


A great film maker is also highly aware of his or her target audience and the industry as a whole. With that said, these courses may also prove to be beneficial for an aspiring film maker.

Philosophy of Film

These courses should help one understand the history and philosophy behind film in order to truly understand and appreciate this art form. The following courses are designed to educate students on everything from the thematic issues of philosophical importance, how to appreciate aesthetics, and will teach you how to cultivate your goals as an artist.

Donna Reish, a freelancer who blogs about best universities, contributed this guest post.  She loves to write education, career, frugal living, finance, health, parenting relating articles. She can be reached via email at:

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  • Excellent! Thank you for getting all this info together!

  • Alec Sprinkle on 04.29.11 @ 2:38PM

    Wow. This is the exact opposite of my college degree. I paid $40,000 for useless information. This is free useful info. Thanks!

  • That must’ve been one horrible college…

    • Alec Sprinkle on 04.29.11 @ 5:12PM

      Not horrible, but what I do for a living has nothing to do with my degree.

      • then your doing it wrong. no worries i am doing it wrong too, but now i have resigned myself to do it right.. best of luck

  • Anyone else read the description for “Filmmaker’s Master Class with Milos Forman”? Granted I doubt Milos wrote the description himself, but I wasn’t exactly filled with confidence upon seeing “Jack Nicholas.” Did you mean Nicholson? He’s only one of the most famous actors in Hollywood history.

  • So how does this really work? I clicked on “Digital Video: An Introduction [Columbia]” and apparently you have to have an account with them. What is there I can do?

  • Am I missing something here? Why can’t I seem to find any of the videos of lectures?

  • I cant access these tutorials.. asking to enter ID and Pass..May i need to be a university student to get these tutorials..please some one clarify this…

  • well … they don´t seem to be free … if we can´t acess them !!!!

    • Sorry guys — it seems the Columbia links require a Columbia ID. The rest of them should be working, though — am I wrong? I’ll remove the Columbia courses since they’re not exactly “open.”

  • can’t wait to read some of the free stuff over the summer. thanks!

  • Pedro Camilo on 05.5.11 @ 7:33PM

    Koo, muchas gracias por esta valiosa información. Un abrazo de Pedro Camilo.

  • hazem abdulrab on 05.6.11 @ 1:39AM

    im not really sure what to do with the MIT?..theres no lectures, its just shwoin me info abou tthe class,..can u help me please?

  • Great links! Many thanks for the info!

  • I am greatful for such a help you have provided in such a challenging field.

  • bright makina on 03.28.13 @ 3:37AM

    thanks for the info, i really learn alot

  • here you can an almost free course from udemy price is 49 dollars but got it for you at only 15 dollars, good luck.