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More Methods of Removing Stuck Pixels from Video Footage

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I’ve posted some ways to remove hot pixels from video footage in Final Cut Pro, Vegas, and Aperture in the past. But you can never have too many options! So for anyone dealing with those pesky stuck/hot/dead pixels that are so prevalent with HDSLRs, here are a couple more ways to remove them in post-production using Final Cut Pro — the old version, that is.

In addition to this method (as well as the ones mentioned previously), you can also utilize the $59 Digital Heaven DH_Reincarnation plug-in (again, this is for those of you who are sticking with FCP 7, since old plugins don’t work in the new FCPX… ). Any other suggestions for removing hot pixels? Anyone done so in the new Final Cut Pro X or Motion 5? Leave any other suggestions in the comments!

Link: Digital Heaven DH_Reincarnation plug-in

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  • You can also use AJW Filter – Pixel Mask. It’s free and works great as well.

  • Except now you’re going to have color values in that area that change before the rest of the action in the shot which may prove to be more distracting than just leaving it alone or clone stamping in AE. Just a thought.

  • Good Gog, somebody buy this guy a keyboard!
    This was like a 30 second tip stretched out into 2 minutes of clickclickclickclickclickclickclick….clickclickclick.

  • Trying to find a way to do this in FCPX… any tips?

  • great tip having the same issue with all free hand footage. I tried the cloning clip and crop in the video and I tried the ajw’s but either way you either have to change the color every frame or have one black or white pixel there. any any any advise to fix my issue is so appreciated. shot a run and gun documentary that needs to be out and on dvd in a week! any way to fix this seamlessly?

    thanks so much!