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A Fascinating Look at the Gravity-Defying Sets of 'Inception'

A $160 million movie that grossed $825 million worldwide isn’t exactly DIY filmmaking, but because I wrote about the film when it came out — and because this is just really cool — here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Inception’s “horizontal rotating corridor” sequence:

Watching this, I can’t help but think these sets are the kind of things that should be part of a movie-centric theme park experience (along with, as they mention, Kubrick’s 2001 set). Seems a shame to have to break down such marvels of engineering. Also, funnily enough, we had the same problem with actors making gun noises with their mouths during the shootout in The West Side — which is one of the few things in common between our $4,000 production (most of which was spent on food and transportation) and a $160 million one.

[via ProVideo Coalition]


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  • I read somewhere when I was a kid they had the same problem with Ewan McGregor making lightsaber sounds with his mouth during Epoisode I . George Lucas: “Ewan, we are going to have someone a little more qualified to make those sounds later.” Ewan:” Oh yeah, sorry. Verrrrroomm Vwam Kitch Whaaaa…”

  • Adrian Jans on 08.1.11 @ 12:00PM

    Easily one of the coolest action sequences ever made. I love CG (when used properly) but the fact that Christopher Nolan uses as much real/practical special effects as possible gives him some major cool points, and adds a certain feeling that you just can’t replicate.
    Also, I didn’t realize how similar the character of Dom and Christopher Nolan look to each other, that amuses me.

  • I love Nolan’s expression when he thinks the rotating room is perfect – the feeling of getting a perfect shot is soooo good.