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A 15 Minute Look at the Video Features of the Canon 1D X by Dan Chung

10.27.11 @ 4:17PM Tags : , , , , , ,

Dan Chung sat down with Canon’s Mike Burnhill to get a look at the video features of the Canon EOS-1D X. Compared to earlier hands-on looks at the camera, this one is much mor focused on the video features we’re all wondering about: aliasing, rolling shutter, codec, time code, audio, and HDMI out. Despite the fact that Canon isn’t letting footage out of its grasp yet, Dan asks all the pertinent questions, as you’d expect given he’s one of the forefathers of HDSLR video. Here’s his 15-minute look at the 1D X:

Video shot by Felix Clay and Sam Morgan Moore. You heard it from Dan first: Canon’s not giving a clean HDMI output on the 1D X because of “conflict with the video guys” within Canon. However, at least it works out of the box with existing accessories like the Zacuto EVF. Stay tuned for a Canon video camera with a clean HDMI or HD-SDI output on November 3rd

[via planet5D and DSLR News Shooter]


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  • No line skipping?! This is huuuge! Didn’t think it would come this fast. Considering the processing is good enough that means basically no moire (compared to the canons used now) I’m very looking forward to the new 5D/7D/70D?/650D? although it may take some time for those to come out.
    The revolution has only begun. Just go out and make your movies!

  • My question to Dan Chung is whether or not while just playing with it, he seen any noticeable difference in footage from the 5D to the 1D-X….?

  • Ryan Emanuel on 10.27.11 @ 6:43PM

    Finally some closure for some of the canon nuts. No clean signal and the higher bit codec is only three times larger not freaking 350mbps. Canon fans please look up the word game theory

  • David Fulde on 10.28.11 @ 3:47AM

    Canon 1DX footage. for some reason no one is looking there ha ha ha ha. I seem to be one of VERY few people that have seen this. it IS compressed; but you can still tell a few IMPORTANT things;
    1: the noise is less colourful than what is out now
    2: amazing noise surpression (Only one shot is below 10K ISO)


  • While the ‘no line skipping’ factor does make a big difference, as well as the higher bitrate codec, I still couldn’t justify paying nearly $7k, when I could save some more and go for a $10+k option instead like the F3.

    The appeal of DSLR’s, besides small form factor, is their affordability to micro/no budget fimmakers, and most of them are only shooting for web or DVD/Bluray. Most of them have also found workarounds for moire, rolling shutter, and the limited bitrate, and some of these features shot on DSLR have even made it to the big screen (especially in my home country, Puerto Rico, where three new features shot on DSLR have made it to theaters, one of them becoming our third highest grossing local film ever). With all that these cheaper/smaller DSLRs have achieved, I really don’t see how these additions can justify the price, especially since they’re not including HDMI output.

    I do, however, celebrate this camera. It’s a good sign of even more amazing things to come.

    • We have to remember this is designed to be the top Canon photography camera, not video.
      If you are looking at it for solely video work, your paying for a lot of photo equipment you won’t use.
      Just think If the video features make it down to the 7D or 550/T2I price range.

      • In which case for people like me who are doing photography most of the time with videography as an add-on, this would serve me well esp for sports and wedding coverage.

        • True. Then again, RED is getting into the stills game and you’ve undoubtedly seen magazine covers on the newsstand that were shot on RED. Convergence!

  • You’d have to be insane to buy a 1D for shooting strictly video. It’s like buying a Ferrari to go off-roading.