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A Sample Video and a Hands-on Glimpse at the Canon EOS-1D X DSLR

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Since Canon announced their new flagship DSLR, the EOS-1D X, I haven’t had much luck finding video samples from the camera. Thanks to Engadget there’s a hands-on video below, which demonstrates the size of the camera (like all 1D cameras, it’s much larger than the 5D form factor). But as far as sample videos go I’ve only seen one to date — please share in the comments if you’ve seen others! The sample video is embedded below, and there is a 960×540 version at the Canon Japan site as well. As far as promo videos go, this is a strange one:

And here’s the Engadget hands-on, which covers photo functions and ergonomics (listen to that 14 FPS still mode!):

There are still rumors floating about that Canon will announce the 5D Mark III at their November event, but I doubt that will be the case, given Canon will want to give their flagship DSLR camera some room to breathe before bringing its new abilities to a lower price point. Instead, we’ll probably see a $10-15K 4K pro camcorder (or two).

[via Engadget]


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  • Nice post Koo but i don’t think i will be purchasing the 1D-X anytime soon seems like more catered to the photographer for me.

  • Interesting. Nothing there makes me want to run out and spend $6 or $7000 on it for video purposes.

  • If that was supposed to show off the 1dx……….they did a horrible job

    • Although full resolution would be ideal, it’s not the point of this video. This video is intended to show off the low light capabilities of this camera, as well as the dynamic range. The lowlights are beautiful and so are the highlights. If you notice at the 2:45 minute mark, it shows the ISO levels used for those particular shots. 12,000 to 25,000 ISO and no noise. Beautiful!

    • I kind of like that weird video : the rythm of the editing is good, they found a good way to mix photo and video (have you ever tried ? Its quite challenging). but the thing that makes it quite fresh to me is that it doesn’t look like what we see everywhere now and will be so out of fashion in 5-10 years : tons of timelapse, ultra twixtored slow-motion, over shallow depth of field and the latest dubstep hit…

  • Wow, that was an underwhelming promo (and video) if I ever saw one.

  • Yes, a strange promo, but look at the noise levels. The ISO in the stills and photos was in the ten thousands, and there was very little noise for that high of ISO!

  • Regarding the “promo” from Canon, yes it’s a failed attempt at being “artistic” — but — go to the end and look at the ISO’s listed.

    That means this camera shoots clean images/video at ISO 25,000. And, yes, that means it may be worth $7000. Also, the intraframe video recording (to CF cards) at approximately 350 Mbps puts this camera in an entirely different universe from the FS100 or AF100 or AVCHD anything.

    • Ryan Emanuel on 10.25.11 @ 4:47PM

      Please explain how the camera is in a different universe when a fs100 and Af100 have uncompressed outs and a hyperdeck is $300. From a codec or recording perspective the 1d will never be able to touch these camera when it doesnt have a clean out.

      • 1) We don’t yet know for certain that it doesn’t have clean HDMI out. I would expect it does at this price point.

        2) Full frame sensor (“VistaVision”)

        3) Clean ISO at 25,000 — slightly noisy (usable) at ISO 50,000

        4) We don’t yet know if the intraframe codec is 10 bit or 8 bit, but the raw numbers point to 10 bit 4:4:4

        5) intraframe recording available

        6) No external recorder needed, and a NanoFlash, for example, doesn’t even do mpeg-4 or 350 Mbps.

        And there’s more. But if that codec turns out to be 10 bit, this thing exceeds AVC-Intra.

        So — exactly as I said — this camera is in an “entirely different universe from the FS100 or AF100 or AVCHD anything.” Do I like the XLR inputs on my FS100? Of course. But I’ll happily use a Zoom and PluralEyes in exchange for intraframe recording and clean ISO 25,000. And, a lot of us prefer “full frame” sensors.

    • Well, yes, ISO performance is astounding here, however, if they wanted to fully show it off, they should’ve exhibited its “standard” imaging abilities because, for what it was, a showcase of ISO it was great, but, a showcase of great footage? heck no.

      • I agree. And, we can expect images and footage to be coming soon. I still don’t have an answer if that Canon Europe video was filmed on the 1Dx. Regardless, as it’s Canon’s “flagship,” for the next three years — we can expect it won’t be junk.

        • very true; this footage and price has made me wonder how much truth there is to the rumors of the new Canon camera. I don’t know if it’s gonna be “under $10k” anymore, not with a DSLR just $3k below. I think the reason they are highlighting ISO here is that they are waving it as one of the main video features, whereas with the new one, they’ll focus a lot more on standard “image quality.” my thoughts anyway

  • From

    What’s Still Missing?
    Here’s a summary of a few things that filmmakers would have liked to see, but haven’t made the cut.

    Obviously no XLR inputs. Realistically this was never going to happen on a DSLR, they’d take up too much space on a camera that is still primarily a stills camera. At least now with timecode we can sync audio.
    Mini HDMI is still present as the connection for external screens. It’s a crap and flimsy connection, I wish they had figured this one out.
    No clean HDMI output. Essentially the HDMI settings work just the same as a 7D. In other words there is no way to get a perfect clean signal out of the HDMI connection for recording to an external video device.
    No headphone sound monitoring – that would have been a really nice option Canon !
    As mentioned above there is no genlock synchronization for the timecode, only Canon’s proprietary methods.

    Now RAW
    No 60p at 1080p – This one confuses me, there is so much processing power on board, 17times that of the 1dMK4 and they still couldn’t manage to shoot 60p 1080 ? Perhaps this functionality was deliberately crippled to give the new Novemeber announcement camera some breathing room ?

  • This camera is still aimed at professional photographers, and so it mustn’t have any video connectors or video buttons that annoys the pro photographer too much or they will switch to Nikon. There’s still a lot of people who don’t care about the video function at all.