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'PressPausePlay' is a Free and Timely Feature Film on Art and Technology

PressPausePlay is a feature-length documentary on “hope, fear, and digital culture” that has been making the festival rounds for a while and is now available gratis on the internet. It’s highly recommended viewing at any price — you can buy it for $14.99 on iTunes or rent it for $3.99 on Amazon — but now you can also download it for free (in 1080p, no less) on the PressPausePlay site. There’s also a nifty Adobe AIR interactive version (also free) with interactive hotspots and links to full interviews. Here’s not just one but three relevant trailers:

The film was shot on, and includes a segment about, RED cameras (more on the cinematography here). More than just a film extolling the virtues of all things internet and digital, the doc also examines the naysaying angle, including the following quote: “for a serious young filmmaker, these are very depressing times.” I couldn’t disagree more, but it’s one strength of the film that they include multiple perspectives on the issue. A must-watch for independent creatives in the 21st century.

Link: PressPausePlay


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  • I feel like someone went out and made a documentary precisely for me. This is a first.
    As always
    Thanks Koo

  • Looks like a great film… downloading now. Thanks for the heads up.

  • @Nate – My thoughts exactly ;-)

    Doco looks amazing, donated and downloading it now. Thanks for the link Koo!

  • I had a chance to watch this. It gets to the heart of some of the central questions of our times and our livelihoods. It’s a completely, utterly, well made, enough to inspire the envy of doco filmmakers everywhere. And to think, that I just watched that in high quality, completely FREE, what tha…?

  • WOW! Sorry if this is widely known but using uTorrent to download this movie – it has the option to stream it – which means Im now watching it instantly as well as downloading (at 1MB/s no less) for later. Meanwhile the movie studios are stuck with the dinosaurs suing individuals for imaginary losses.

    Get a clue Hollywood or get the @#$% out of the way!

  • links on PPP don’t work. Can’t download anything

  • The links work fine – you need to have a torrent application installed that recognises a torrent link. Id recommend uTorrent – its fast, free and you can grab it here:

  • Amazing! The film looks in a burst of inspiration and it is so inspiring with the feel of power to do the Art!

  • I really really loved this film

  • A hipster movie that I may actually watch…