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Nikon D4 to Feature 'Improved' Video, Uncompressed HDMI Output?

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Just a rumor… disclaimers apply… etc. The Nikon D4, which should compete with the Canon 1DX, is supposedly landing in January, with “improved” video (read: 1080p) and an uncompressed HDMI output. It’s also slated to be “only” 16 megapixels, which, along with its maximum ISO of 102,400 should make it a low-light beast. Is this the DSLR that has Nikon catching up or surpassing the video capabilities of offerings from Panasonic or Canon?

We could find out more at this year’s PMA in Vegas in early January. The D4 may also be one of the first cameras to use XQD, the next generation of CF cards (it should be backwards compatible with standard CF cards, so you don’t have to throw out all of those old cards).

This was a short post — it’s just a rumor, after all — so here is an image of a (fictional) Bruce Lee-edition Nikon D3, for no reason whatsoever:

Who needs 1080p when you can have a camera that looks like this?

Link: Nikon D4 specs: 16.2MP, 11 fps, 102,400 native ISO, XQD memory card – Nikon Rumors


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  • Thats a sexy camera!! I hope that Nikon will finally join the serious HDSLR game with this camera., but i dont think so. They messed it up to much in the past and i doubt they will make a better camera than the hacked GH2 or 5DM2

  • I prefer Nikon for Pictures Canon for Video i don’t think nikon can make it into the HDSLR Video Game.

  • It could beat Canon if we could hack it! I guarantee it

  • Won’t there be problems with people using Nikon cams with 3rd party lenses? If you were to use a 3rd party non nikon mount lens with adapters I believe you cannot achieve infinity focus.

  • to me, that’s not a rumour, that’s a nikon fanboy with list

    the thing that killed this for me was a comment on the canonrumors forum stating that XQD has still not been licensed to anybody (neither Nikon nor the card manufacturers that would build the media)

    • oh, and you have too much faith in standards bodies: unless someone makes some kind of an adapter (unlikely at a reasonable price, as one is IDE an the other is PCIe), XQD is not backwards compatible with CF media: it’s definitely smaller and supposedly pinless

      just as CFast was not backwards compatible with CF (yes, there was already one successor to CF; it died before getting any kind of adoption; XQD might go just as fast towards dodo-land)

  • As a nikon shooter I have been disappointed buy their video until now. With Canon entry into the Cinema world I don’t see things like 10 bit and log base images coming soon from them to the dslr (at least affordable model). Panasonic also will protect its AF line, more so of the slap it got from its own gh2 vs Af-100. So in the end we are left with Nikon.

    It is strongly rumored that we are going to get 2 new pro camera from nikon in January, I hope that Nikon will really put some much better video because they have no video camera line to protect and they there arch rival Canon is the king in this domain. If they don’t it will impact there photo market also because those users that will be in need of an hybrid dslr will prefer or move to Canon. Just proper down-scaling ala gh2 and 10 bit would swing the market. Lets hope because I see only incremental upgrade from the other manufacturers to protect their other line of video cameras!!!

    The Nikon firmware has been hacked at personal-view, so I hope that they will be able to develop the Ntool as with gh2 if Nikon does not put enough horse power in these cameras. The underlying hardware in these pro cam will be much more powerful than the gh2, so we could see even better performance.

  • As a Nikon shooter I’ve been disappointed, very minimally, with my D7000 for video. I started as a Nikon stills shooter and picked up the D7000 specifically for the video mode. At this point my only beef with Nikon is the lack of metering in Live View which was promptly overcome by buying the [necessary for other reasons] DP4 EVF. Need manual aperture control while shooting? Easy, buy any of the dozens of lenses that have aperture rings. I think a lot of “Nikon totally fails at video” comes from very ill-informed non-users. And hey, the Zacuto camera shootout demonstrated that the D7000 keeps up with the 5DII and 7D just fine, even performing a bit better in skin reproduction.

    What do I really want out of the next video-capable body? Better data-rates, timecode, live histogram. But what would sell me on it, even unchanged from the D7000, would be a good 108060p. I would buy it TOMORROW.

    Oh, and it sounds trivial until you’re trying to power your whole rig off Anton Bauer or Sony V-Locks, but the Nikon AC adapter is some bizarre battery-with-pigtail that connects to an AC adapter brick via some even more bizarre proprietary connector (presumably so you can buy the AC adapter once and simply update your pigtail later). Problem with that is that no one makes a barrel-to-Nikon or D-Tap cable and I’m going to have to buy a $60 pigtail-battery-combo from Nikon just to cut the connector off and start soldering. That’s some bullsh*t right there.

    • I agree that Nikon can come up with as advanced a video on their much rumoured pro cameras as it’s possible for them, without any fear of cannibalizing any of their own high end product unlike Cannon, Panasonic and Sony. Canon restricted its 1Dx to a frame rate below 60 and no uncompressed HDMI out So was the case with Panasonic’s GH2. You are not going to get something from Sony that would kill their own high end products. if Nikon managed a decent uncompressed stream out of their cameras, I bet, they would be a hit. May I add here a comment on another comment on this page which quotes Duke Ellington “It is not the piano that makes the music”
      But for making music you’d need a piano and also the quality of piano would affect the music within certain parameter. You can take pictures with any camera but the quality of the imager, processor and the glass do count seriously.

  • If it has uncompressed video that would shake a few things in the DSLR video community, I’m usre lots of test will take place.

  • Gosh, all these pixel-throwing, number-crunching, data-flexing debates makes my head spin. Whatever happened to working with what you already have? Remember that things about the workman and his tools? In the words of Duke Ellington, “It’s not the piano that makes the music” :-))