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'The Hobbit' Continues Terrific Behind-the-Scenes Video Blogs with On-Location Shooting

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Peter Jackson and the crew on the The Hobbit have been sharing periodic video blog updates on the film’s production via their Facebook page, and they recently released the fifth episode. It’s easy to assume with the advent of CGI that anything in the background of a fantasy blockbuster is added in post, but that’s often not the case, as evidenced by the construction of a real “Hobbiton” this time around. This latest episode covers the logistics and physical scope of a 250-day, $500 million movie production (well, two movies really):

For those of you who might’ve missed the first four parts; here they are:

Finally,I would be remiss if I did not post the actual trailer, despite the fact that everyone’s probably already seen it:

[via Filmmaker IQ]


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  • Thanks for posting these. What a charmed life PJ has lived. From ‘Bad Taste’ to becoming the George Lucas of the southern hemisphere (minus the crappy writing and films). Well don PJ, plus he’s lost a TON of weight.

    • I think he might have had a gastric bypass procedure, which is great to know is always there as an option in our older, fatter years.

    • He was born into the right family, in the right suburb of the right city of New Zealand. He was the ultimate 1%. The city thing is interesting. New Zealand government departments were the only ones that would hand out money for various projects. There was/is no real investment from individuals in New Zealand. These departments for the past six decades have favoured certain cities. Dunedin Christchurch and specifically Wellington have had 90% of all government funding for film, TV, stage, and other various funding (Auckland has a quarter of the countries population, and their one massive museum gets less per year in government funding than one tiny two room art gallery in Wellington). So yes, location is THAT important in New Zealand. Aucklanders and other people living north of Taupo are treated like second class citizens. Wellingtonian are all that xenophobic about people north of them. Have you noticed that only two sites were north of Taupo in the original LOTR trilogy? And not one is near Auckland? Peter Jackson has often been very vocal about his hatred of Auckland, even though he has never lived there. My own story of LOTR. I was headhunted for a senior position for LOTR in Weta Digital back in the 90′s. I had family commitments in Auckland and could not move away. I asked if I could set up a satellite office and run an Auckland office of Weta Digital. They said no, they would NEVER have an office in Auckland.

      • Trolololol on 01.3.12 @ 3:29PM

        Did they say no because your name is “boybunny”????

        • Would it have mattered? They headhunted me. I never applied for the job. In fact, at the time the LOTR project was still skunkworks. So at first they would not even tell me what the position was for.

  • HI Koo. Don’t want to be critic in a negative way but shuldn’t it be “released” instead of “…and they recently realized the fifth episode.”? Awesome blog.

  • Andy Serkis 2nd unit Director…WOW!

  • What does everybody think of the whole 48fps thing?

    • It’s the way of the future! The way of the future! The way of the future!

    • Matthew Reynolds on 12.27.11 @ 12:02PM

      I think it could be good. The trailer didn’t seem to look much different. I’m guessing that they converted it back to 24 or 30 when they released the trailer. Either way, the shots off the Epic look incredible

  • I love Peter Jackson for releasing these.

    These say a lot about his priorities in rewarding fans. If it wasn’t evident from his attendance to the party the night of the Oscars for Return of the King.

  • Dennis Mathias on 12.30.11 @ 6:50PM

    This blog is absolutely exciting. I anticipate the blogs almost as much as the movie.
    Thanks everyone who lets us look behind the scenes.

  • ’6 has been released on 1st of March

  • I think its lame that he couldn’t put any ethnic actors in any of these movies. I’m not saying it’s racist. just a weak choice