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World's First Sony FS700 Short Film Reveals Class-Leading Slow Motion Abilities

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Earlier this week, Sony announced the Sony FS700, and today they released some of the first footage shot on the camera as part of their official launch.  Yep, it’s pretty much a promo film, but it has lots of goodies to take a look at, especially in terms of the FS700′s slow-mo capabilities, along with some very interesting footage shot by candlelight.  Check it out:

There should be more footage coming out in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll try to put together a round up for you to check out.  But in the meantime this does show off a lot of what the camera can do.  As a side note: this camera is kind of scary — just look at how shell shocked director Peter Prevec appears, it’s like he’s seen too much.

Lucky for us!  Because he shares some of the shooting details for the footage he contributed to the film in this post.

[Update: and you can now check out some of the excerpted test shorts in full here]

[via Too Much Imagination]


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  • They really need to get rid of the shots with Peter. It’s like watching a hostage video and the kidnappers have a gun on him. :)

  • The footage looks great, slowmo looks beautiful! Rolling shutter looks ok in the car shots but there is some weird wobble in the shots @ 3:31 as if they were stabilised…

    • Adrian Orozco on 04.5.12 @ 6:51PM

      Nice Catch on the wobble. Didn’t notice it the first time. Overall though, I was pretty impressed with what this $10k camera could accomplish.

    • there seems to be a bit more at 1:15 too, which is odd because it seems like a relatively static shot

      • Pretty sure that´s just a regular camera wobble (I think the shot is zoomed in a long way, hard to keep it 100% steady, interesting that it still made it in though).

  • Looks like the color reproduction has improved, skin tones look good, this is a real competitor

  • Very cool. Hoping to see some 1080p demos soon…

  • That candlelight scene is awesome!!!!

  • Selling my FS100 LOL!

  • Shaun Wilson on 04.5.12 @ 9:10PM

    Regarding the 4K external recorder, does anyone have any news on this?

  • I’m sold – unless something even more amazing comes out at NAB under $10k THIS will be my camera in 2012!

  • Lliam Worthington on 04.6.12 @ 8:37AM

    I love my Scarlet. But this is a simply stunning offering I think. Well done Sony. You guys listen and produce. Exciting times we live in.

    • I’m in the same boat, the dragon sensor has to compete with 200 hundred frames at full HD for the scarlet upgrade, I hope its as good as Jim says,

      • Lliam Worthington on 04.7.12 @ 1:40PM

        Yeah exactly. I feel the frame rates is where the Dragon must help us compete too.

        • Brian Kaufman on 04.7.12 @ 7:35PM

          I wouldn’t expect the Dragon update itself to increase frame rates, since it’s the Scarlet’s image processing boards that keep it a step back from the Epic. It already has the same sensor at its big brother, but it is limited in data processing. For the Dragon sensor update to affect frame rates, it would need to also include a massive hardware change as well, which wouldn’t be cheap (though, JJ has hinted that Dragonizing the Scarlet will be more costly than the same update on the Epic, due to a need to update the rest of the hardware)…

          • isn’t the change of hardware that your talking about changing the boards, so isn’t it a maybe. Jim said that the update would not be as expensive as the body, but it would be more expensive than the epic upgrade because of the more parts need to be updated on the scarlet.

  • That is !

  • The word is that this is just an E-mount camera, right? That seems to be one disappointing oversight–no PL mount option. For a camera with these framerate features, it would be nice to mount some PL glass, though I suppose that might step a little too close on the F3′s toes.

    • Kevin, although it can be annoying for those who love cinema lenses to not have a fixed PL mount, I think that Sony was smart to build the FS100 and FS700 with the E-mount – especially considering their price point. The E-mount has a very shallow flange distance which allows 3rd party adapters that can host numerous lens choices: Canon EF, PL, and even Sony Alpha mount. Not everyone buying a camera in this price range can afford to buy PL cinema glass. Although it’s nice to be able to rent PL glass. Some people already own lots of EF glass – although those adapters will cost more to be able to change iris. Believe it or not, some of the Alpha lenses are pretty good for the price even though Sony is not really known for their lenses. They inherited the Alpha series from Minolta when they bought them. Just avoid the 18-200mm “stock lens” that was offered with the FS100. Great range – but variable F-stop and backwards zoom and focus. Not so good for cinema style shooting. The 24-70 and 70-200 are comparable with Canon’s offerings.

    • Zeis Compact primes have NATIVE E-mount support. And just to let everybody know, the e-mount has got to be one of Sony’s best inventions ever. Because of its vegry short flange distance, any manufacturer can create an adaptor so that youn can use ANY LENS from any manufacturer that exists with NO OPTICAL quality loss whatsoever. As you can see in thevieo, they are using pl mounted zeis cp.2s, slr magic cine f0.95, nikon 70-300 and sony,s own optically stabilized smooth focus ringed 18-200. There is no limit to the lenses that you would want to use, everything is just an adaptor away.

      And please, if your really a lens connoseur you would know that zeis makes the best glass on the planet, and consequently they make the only existing AUTOFOCUSING ZEIS LENSES exclusivelyfor SONY ALPHA mount. They have a fantastic lineup with optical quality matching their cine counterparts.

    • E-mount, due to shorter flange, can adapt all PL mount lenses via adapter.

      E-mount is simply the best. It can adapt every lens ever made (Canon, Nikon, PL, Pentax, Sony A-mount, etc etc).

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  • E mount, no autofocus with third party lenses. The third party adapter used for other lenses is glitchy with no guarantee certain lenses will work & Sonys lenses are not that good.

    • Huh? When adapting a manual focus lens.. what is going to get glitchy? I have never had a poor experience even with the cheapest of adapters…

    • Glitchy how? With any manual lens even the cheapest ones work fine.

    • Lliam Worthington on 04.7.12 @ 1:43PM

      Auto focus smauto focus? Whose buying this camera for auto focus?

    • Autofocus? Wow. You should not buy this camera or anything like it.

    • Actually, this camera can AF both with the E-mount lenses, and also it can do very fast PDAF AF with A-mount lenses via Sony’s SLT adapter.

      Canon C300 and Sony’s F3, on other hand, are manual focus only.

  • Very impressed with some of the footage

  • Wish there was a canon mount with the autofoucs that still works.. long ver weddings would be a nightmare with a manual focus so so bad all these new cameras don’t have them.

  • Why don’t them add the feature that you can record into tow cards instead of one? like canon dose with the C300 i think its call a mirror something?!! damn it Sony !

  • The images of this FS700 look really cinematic in terms of how the light is rendered. Also, the transition from focused parts to blurry parts of the image is very smooth and natural! Kind of reminds me of the Canon 5D…

  • Did anyone else notice that all those Sony executives had Macs instead of Sony Vaios?
    and on one of their own promos!! interesting….

  • I’m thinking of somehow using this space by creating an e-mount adapter for PL, with integrated rotary optical viewfinder somehow genlock is not possible.

  • Thane Silliker on 04.11.12 @ 10:46AM

    Does this camera have internal image stabilisation? If so, the IS might be chasing camera movements creating wobble. Turning off IS when mounted on a tripod or rig is probably a good idea.