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FS700 Price Confirmed - It's Under $10k, but by Just How Much?

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When Sony’s FS700 camera was first announced, it was rumored to be under $10k, with some folks pegging it at $8k.  When the European version’s price came out at roughly 8,000 euros (~$10,500) the promise of being under $10,000 transformed into “probably around $10,000″.  So what am I going on about?  Well, the price has finally been confirmed in the U.S., and it’s just as hoped for — $8,000 dollars for the camera body, or $8,600 with an E-mount zoom lens.  With this announcement, I figure it’s a nice moment to check out some more test videos shot with the camera that look at how well it handles whip pans, high contrast lighting, auto-focusing situations and more:

First, here are two quick test shots that John Hess (a frequent contributor at did at the recent NAB convention.  The first one looks at rolling shutter while doing a whip pan:

The second looks at the FS700′s dynamic range:

And here’s a really nice test video by David Leitner.  The first half goes into how the camera handles auto-focusing with different lenses (pretty useful if you’re a run-and-gun shooter), but the test shoot really comes into its own in the second half where we get to see how it uses these features outdoors in a real-world shooting situation:

For more “real-world” sample footage, check out our last round up!  I know a lot of folks are pretty excited about this camera — it seems to hit the sweet spot between providing great footage now, while allowing for some near-future proofing.  I think the big feature that will sell this camera to folks needing to shoot now is the slow-mo, since that seems to be the thing that really distinguishes it from the FS100 and the F3.  Once the 4k upgrade details come out we’ll know more about just how it stacks up with other cameras in that market space.

What do you think?  Is $8k the sweet spot?  How much do you think they’ll charge for that 4k upgrade?  Are you in a rent-and-wait mode?

[via NextWaveDV]


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  • Both those videos make the camera unattractive…the first shows plenty of RS, and the second the dreaded “Sony look” of bad highlight rolloff. This is a rental camera, a poor man’s Phantom.

    • Eww and the third shows how AF makes breathing a serious problem. Yuck.

      • that doesn’t make any sense, breathing is not from the autofocus, it’s from the lens. He’s probably using a zoom lens. Using a different lens (prime) with af and it will probably be better, althoguh if it’s a stills lens it probably won’t be A LOT better. I hope to god nobody depends on af, though. ANY af is terrible (with the exception of audio when you’re doing run and gun streeters for doc or broadcast work and have no audio guy)

    • E.M. Taboada on 05.1.12 @ 7:08PM

      To be fair, with regards to the highlight rolloff, I think some of those issues will depend on the picture style used.

  • Serge Petroff on 05.1.12 @ 7:33PM

    Well, I can’t understand such a bustle with autofocusing – I may be wrong, but it’s kind of a rule with video/film shooting – if you want to get a nice shot, you should focus with your hands. For me it’s just like the difference between automatic and manual gearboxes – when a real pro driver use them, manual IS faster, just because human little bit smarter than heap of pieces of iron… I’m focusing manually when I’m shooting an interview and when I’m shooting a soccer game – everything just fine, you know!

  • I like how sony has positioned its product offerings. They have been able to release product lines that are affordable and others that are professional and there are no issues of the cheaper camera out performing the higher end camera. This is currently plaguing nikon and canon. Sony is the only big dog that cares about the little guy and will innovate when appropriate.

  • A dollar spent on rolling shutter is too much as far as I’m concerned…

    • Lachlan Huddy on 05.2.12 @ 7:03AM

      True that. If someone could comprehensively address RS in a sub-10k large-sensor camera they’d have my money.

      • There are 3ccd options, but you will trade you’re rolling shutter for grain and less sensitivity. Those are the two options unless you want to design a new sensor yourself.

  • Rent and wait mode? Yeah, probably. Still waiting for a camera which can compete (for doc-style stuff) with my EX1. Or more accurately, with the flexibility of its fixed zoom lens.

  • Actually, some of the FS700 footage looks really good. The video shot in NYC was maybe not so artistically good, but image wise, it was fantastic. Great highlights, really clean picture that can be treated and graded to hell.

    As for autofocus as a cheat, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want. It’s just another tool that is at your disposal. For shallow DOF steadycam shots, it would be great. Except I only have Zeiss and Canon L glass, so might not work.

    For $8K, it’s a very good price. I am buying one for sure. I just wish the form factor is a bit better, but I guess nothing is perfect. I had the $8K for Canon, but they’re latest cameras are such joke for the price, so Sony + Metabones it is.

  • Ah is ok but it looks more like something you would use for TV not a movie.

  • Anthony Marino on 05.1.12 @ 11:15PM

    Whoever can’t make the footage out of this camera look good should never touch a camera again. We’re lucky, we can say that about a lot of cameras today. But I have to say this is the most versatile camera in 2012 by far. Do I need to point out, especially at this price? In the right hands i’ll bet this camera can fool almost anyone. The average viewer never wonders what the program or film their watching is shot witn. IMO, this camera will work itself in nicely. We should be jumping for joy, it looks like finally we have a reasonably priced camera with some real nice features that were impossible to obtain just a few years ago. At the very least I hope it gives Canon a wake up call to rethink their pricing stradigty. That C500 looks like a hell of of a camera (as do a lot of others lately) but at that price I can’t touch it. Lol, In 2011, for around $15,000 we got the Scarlet, C300 and the F3. In 2012 for about the same we’re looking at a FS700 and Blackmagics new cinema camera. That’s progress, right?

    • I watched the FS700 tests in the Sony 4K Theater at NAB and the camera is a mega-bargain at 8 grand. The footage in the theater looked incredible and the camera should be excellent for any indie feature, doc, sports, reality TV etc. Insane slow mo. The 2 tests above in no way tell anything about the camera – the rolling shutter test is ridiculous – when would any sane person whip the camera back and forth like that on a shoot? Just about every CMOS camera in existence would fail that test. The other shot of the model is terrible and putting a card in a camera and hitting the record button without setting up the camera is not a “test”.

      • Anthony Marino on 05.2.12 @ 8:28AM

        I agree Lance, Our friends across the globe have demonstrated this camera remarkably. All the footage I’ve witnessed on my iPad looks real nice. Frank Glencarin, Andrew Young and James Miller IMO really did the camera justice. I have 3 projects coming up and can use this camera for everyone of them. Can I say I’ll be using this camera 3 years from now? Maybe…I.m not sure where or when 4k is gonna is gonna take hold but knowing its there is pretty comforting. And for the rolling shutter, If I whip my head back and forth that fast I have it too. Lol. Thanks and have a great day.

  • What do guys expect for under 10k?I can’t understand all this bitching and moaning.

  • So its pretty safe to declare now that this is the best BANG FOR THE BUCK video camera that exists right now. Yeah, even more than the BlackCam.

  • How much will the 4K upgrade be?????

  • It’s a nice picture for sure and if you know the camera you can light for it. So given the high end features it seams like a good deal especially if you’re doing action movies or run and gun. Though for pure picture quality the C300 still takes it in my opinion.

  • this camera has an almost handicam video look albiet a much more expensive one ;) … the autofocus is bang on and the slow motion is fantastic but the c300 has way better image quality ,dynamic range and RS .. my guess is it will probably be great for a few specialized shots but other than that i wouldn’t go for it …

  • This looks like a nice camera, and the slowmo is sweet. Another review here:

  • Very exited about the FS700 here :)

    I think you missed this great review/test from Andrew Young:

  • I think people get used to the idea of buying cameras that shoot raw for under 3K. So people get greedy. I think slow mo is nice, but I don’t really need it. And its over used. I am hoping for an upgrade of the BM camera, bigger sensor, 50 fps. Under 5K. Untill then, I rent or use my 5D. In stead of buying new cameras, learn to get the most out of your current one. I see films shot on the 5D far more filmic and beautiful then Scarlets or even above. And about the 4K at the FS700? I wonder what happens to the rolling shutter in that configuration.

  • john’s camera move is too fast. even c300 has rolling shutter :p

  • “David, can we get more mention of ‘Phase Detection’ from that last video, i didnt hear it enough”

    • I felt like he was a magician saying a word over and over again to catch our attention while something else is happening to set up the next trick..

  • have Sony given any indication on when the 4K upgrade will be available? also, is it supposed to be capable of 4K RAW once it has the upgrade?

  • This camera is just 8,000 us dollars, not more. Look here.

    Also that test, to my opinion, is a lame test that it is just using the camera as is, not settings where changed, at least not mentioned. An I will be happy with this camera, some times we just purchase and use overkill equipment for what we do everyday.

    With the option of make this a 4K camera in the future allow you to get a really nice camera now and make it better latter.

  • When can I get one? I have 2 FS100s, they are great. This will be better, and NDs will be a big plus, as well as SDI, high speed.