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Advertising Agency Mother Doubles Their Creativity with a Behind the Scenes Video Rivaling Their IKEA Ad

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When I think of furniture advertising my brain automatically sorts the possible approaches into either expensively elegant mood pieces or forgettable functional and affordable spots. Ever since their well regarded 2002 Spike Jonze directed ad Lamp, IKEA have attempted to take a more interesting approach to convincing you they should furnish your home. Advertising agency Mother London and director Dougal Wilson, kick off the new IKEA ‘Entertaining’ campaign by placing viewers at centre of a young girl’s choreographed dinner party experience in Playing with my Friends:

To meet the multi-duration brief the spot had to work across three running times (30sec, 60sec and 3min) and although it may appear otherwise, things weren’t quite the single shot ballet presented in the finished films and required some VFX trickery from The Moving Picture Company as Wilson explains:

Although the ads look like one take, they obviously have lots of hidden cuts, which were expertly sewn together by Tom Harding and his superb team. Somehow MPC managed to warp time and space and make the images work. Each time length isn’t a cut down, so they all had to be treated as separate films. When we discovered that the robot couldn’t walk faster than 0.25mph in his robot-feet, and came up with the genius solution of taking his feet off, MPC made us some brilliant 3D feet instead, which they tracked beautifully over the robot’s trainers. They also gave the robot magnetic, telekinetic and laser-vision powers, got rid of lots of velcro, put a monkey-face on a somersaulting acrobat and made the dinosaur breathe fire.

You’d think that three variations of the spot would be more than enough for the campaign, but the playful creativity also extended into Charlie Inman’s The making of… as told by Darren the Bear video:

I’m not sure I’d call it the most informative of making ofs but it certainly entertained, while revealing a little of the behind the scenes action. Far too many filmmakers have a tendency to go for purely informative over entertaining when sharing their production processes, do you have examples of BTS films which manage to balance both?


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  • the making of was quite tiresome…

  • Excellent spot!

  • I’m reeeally curious how much this cost to produce…any ideas?

  • JkMorganChase on 10.25.12 @ 8:01PM

    What would be more interesting is if these ad agencies got together and made a festival where talented young directors could compete to create new innovative ad campaigns. Narrowing the catagories into Business, Cinematagraphy, and motion FX. This would basically cut their cost down because no Manpower inhouse workers needed, more exposure for their company, and it would give us artists yet another platform/canvas to showcase our work and possibly make a career. Trust it would be more creative and interesting than this.

  • VERY COOL! Love the concept and the stiching was fantastic. I aspire to work on a project like this one day!

  • Peter Kelly on 10.26.12 @ 6:01AM

    this is deadly!

  • The making of video is so much better – way more creative – than the ad. The ad left me cold – even shuddering – whereas the making of was fresh, creative and entertaining… especially given the genre.

  • I liked the whole bit including the music. The reality shot at the end is really creative and brings the ad back to the adult target.



  • I had a lot of fun watching this video. I was actually kind of terrified when the monkey came through the window. Is that even allowed?

    I was happy to enjoy an ad where I didn’t feel they were selling me something.

    I would of like to see some carnage though. Can’t have Godzilla just bake cookies. He needs to turn the place up a bit.